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Scramble for wind power market heats up

The lure of China's huge but underexploited market, the government's drive for renewable energy and low production costs for exports to fast-growing bigger markets in the United States and Europe have foreign and domestic firms rushing to set up wind farms or build production plants across the country.
18 Jul 2006

China's Wind Power

With 20% of the world's population, China now consumes 10% of the world's energy. This would suggest that just to come up to the international average, China will need to double its energy consumption. With an economy growing at 9% per year, China is on track to do just that, and consequently they are developing every source of energy they possibly can.
15 Jul 2006

Calm days are a bit of a blow for wind farm

Tsukuba, the town that prides itself as Japan’s most hallowed scientific research centre, is the site of perhaps the world’s worst electricity wind farm: in the 12 months it has operated, its windmills have consumed 43 times more power than they have generated.
14 Jul 2006

Wind goes out of green energy project's sails

The project to make Tsukuba a self-sufficient showpiece for green energy has failed, heaping scorn upon the central government programme to test alternative sources. It is likely to be used as ammunition by sceptics elsewhere, including Britain, where the Government this week published its energy review. Tsukuba is now locked into a spiral of civil litigation, criminal investigations and an unprecedented attack on the academic reputation of Waseda University, Japan’s most respected seat of learning.
13 Jul 2006

Beijing covers up a crackdown

The protest erupted over plans for a wind-power plant that used village lands and required significant landfill in a bay where the people have for generations made a living fishing. Before that, nearby village land had been used for the construction of a coal-fired power plant.
27 Jun 2006

Fire in Chettikulam wind-power unit

Police said the wind turbine generator of the unit exploded last night and caught fire. The splinters from the turbine, located a few kms from the Koodankulam Nuclear Power project site, spread over one sq km after the explosion.
19 Jun 2006

Gazprom plans expansion into atomic energy

President Vladimir Putin is reportedly planning to increase the number of nuclear reactors in Russia from 29 to 59 and to upgrade old power stations to extend their lives. Mr Putin is expected to provide more details of the rebirth of nuclear at the forthcoming G8 summit of leading economies in St Petersburg next month.
19 Jun 2006

Wind power generation decreasing

Hamatombetsu, Japan (ANTARA News) - Increases in the generation of wind power, introduced nationwide as an environment-friendly energy, are hitting a snag as enterprises are reluctant to do the business because electric power companies are negative to buy such power....."Output is unstable because it depends on wind, obstructing stable power supplies," said an executive at a power company.
14 Jun 2006

Asia turns to plants for fuel - Governments seek crops to cut oil dependence

Most experts also believe that, using current technologies, there isn't enough land to make a serious dent in oil consumption. Some scientists say production will consume more conventional energy than it will save, and environmentalists came out this month against plans by Indonesia to convert millions of acres of rain forest on the island of Borneo into palm oil plantations.
11 Jun 2006
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