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Cleburne County Commission passes windfarm regulations

The proposed legislation passed unanimously by the Cleburne Commission is based on the Cherokee County law, Commission Chairman Ryan Robertson said. The legislation includes regulations such as a 2,500 foot setback from adjacent property, a 40-decibel sound limit and safety features including fences at least 6 feet high surrounding the turbines.
10 Feb 2015

Wind energy companies hire lobbyists to fight bill that would regulate them in Alabama

The most concerning part of Williams’ research may have come from the realization that the State of Alabama has no laws on the books to protect citizens and communities when it comes to wind energy production. While regulations on coal mining require an almost unimaginable amount of research, proposals, permits, reclamation plans, insurance and numerous other safeguards overseen by independent government entities, wind farms are largely free to do as they please without any real oversight to speak of.
25 Feb 2014

Gadsden City Council supports proposed wind turbine regulations

The council unanimously voted in favor the resolution, which supports a bill pre-filed by State Sen. Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City). Williams' draft bill would require wind farm developers to get a permit from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. It would also establish height requirements, setbacks, and mandate that noise from turbines not exceed 50 decibels.
8 Oct 2013

Commission bans wind farms

The Baldwin County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to ban large wind turbines that produce 50 kilowatts or more. The move slams the door on the Foley Wind Project, a proposition by Charlottesville, Va.-based APEX Wind Energy to install a wind farm with around 40 turbines that would have been more than 500 feet tall.
8 Aug 2013

Baldwin County wind farm ban passes

The Baldwin County Commission effectively put the brakes on a company's plan to put large wind turbines in the county by passing an ordinance Tuesday than bans wind farms. The commission unanimously voted to pass two ordinances that ban large wind turbines and wind farms in Baldwin County.
6 Aug 2013

Baldwin County wind farm project facing obstacles

The county has concerns about the project, which includes the size of the turbines, the noise they will generate and if a wind farm will be a danger to migratory birds. APEX Wind's project calls for turbines that could be 520 to 590 feet tall from the tower's base to the tip of a blade at the 12 o'clock position.
5 Apr 2013
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