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Gadsden City Council supports proposed wind turbine regulations

The council unanimously voted in favor the resolution, which supports a bill pre-filed by State Sen. Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City). Williams' draft bill would require wind farm developers to get a permit from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. It would also establish height requirements, setbacks, and mandate that noise from turbines not exceed 50 decibels.
8 Oct 2013

Wind farm turbulence statewide

The lure of green energy and the preservation of a beloved mountain have sparked intense soul searching among environmentalists. Add in the fact that wind farms have been known to kill birds, especially bald eagles and bats, and the environmentalists are tilting against the project. As many as 573,000 birds are killed a year by wind turbines, according to the Wildlife Society Bulletin.
1 Sep 2013

'No Wind' group urges action to stop wind farms in East Alabama

When Mitzi Gibbs Eaker first heard about the proposed windmill farms a Texas-based company plans on building in Etowah and Cherokee County, she didn't think it was a bad idea. ...But after some research, she said, she soon became convinced that the turbines will not produce enough energy to justify their construction. She also feels the turbines will spoil the scenic view of the ridge that runs near her family's property.
15 Aug 2013

Two states, two counties, two outcomes

My home state and my current state are embroiled in an issue that emotionally and physically impacts residents of two counties: Baldwin County in Alabama, and Howard County, where I live, in Indiana. ...The outcomes of the political process in the two counties are diametrically opposed, with one county voting to allow wind farms and the other voting against deployment of huge turbines.
10 Aug 2013

Commission bans wind farms

The Baldwin County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to ban large wind turbines that produce 50 kilowatts or more. The move slams the door on the Foley Wind Project, a proposition by Charlottesville, Va.-based APEX Wind Energy to install a wind farm with around 40 turbines that would have been more than 500 feet tall.
8 Aug 2013

Baldwin County wind farm ban passes

The Baldwin County Commission effectively put the brakes on a company's plan to put large wind turbines in the county by passing an ordinance Tuesday than bans wind farms. The commission unanimously voted to pass two ordinances that ban large wind turbines and wind farms in Baldwin County.
6 Aug 2013

Property owners file suit over planned wind project

The suit asks for a court order that would authorize the County Commission to regulate the permitting, construction, placement and operation of wind turbines, wind mills, wind farms and any other wind-generated energy production facility or equipment operated in the unincorporated areas of Etowah County. It asks that the County Commission establish standards, specifications, criteria and conditions on the operations, and make a determination about appropriate sites where wind turbines can be located.
3 Aug 2013


Since our local politicians have no authority to "meddle," as Jones says, there is no one with jurisdiction to seek the guarantees from Pioneer Green he suggests. A demolition bond won't protect property values or aesthetic beauty. ...Common sense tells me we should not let these out-of-towners, for the sake of corporate greed, come in and, with no regard, destroy the God-given bounty Jones spoke of and divide our community.
24 Jul 2013

Baldwin County Commission to consider wind farm ban Aug. 6

The ban on wind farms and large turbines is the result of a plan by APEX Wind Energy in Charlottesville, Va., to put a wind farm with about 40 turbines in south Baldwin County. The company's plan called for turbines that could be 520 to 590 feet tall from the tower's base to the tip of a blade at the 12 o'clock position.
23 Jul 2013

Winds of change: Alternative energy source planned for Shinbone Ridge

The bill would give local county commissions and city councils the opportunity to approve or deny wind energy projects in their communities. It would also require financing mechanisms to ensure the turbines are property removed if the projects fail, Williams said. “There is absolutely no regulatory body, a set of rules or expectations on wind energy anywhere in the state of Alabama,” he said.
18 Jul 2013

Williams' bill would regulate, not eliminate wind turbines in Ala.

Williams' bill calls for ADEM to establish a permit application process that would have to be completed by any company wishing to build a wind energy project in Alabama. The permit would be both a construction and operation permit. Williams said he is skeptical of the project proposed for Cherokee County, officially known as the Shinbone Wind Energy Project, mainly because it would exist "in my own backyard."
24 Apr 2013

Baldwin County Commission chairman criticizes wind farm project

A Baldwin County commissioner told representatives of a wind energy company today that he is skeptical of their project, and he has concerns it will be bad for tourism. "The risk to me is too big to take a gamble on this," said Tucker Dorsey, who is the chairman of the four-member Baldwin County Commission. Two representatives of APEX Wind Energy met with the commission to provide details and answer questions about the company's proposed wind farm.
10 Apr 2013
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