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Dominion Energy's wind farm costs to customers jumps from $8 billion to $10 billion, CEO says

The Virginia General Assembly in 2020 passed a law called the Virginia Clean Economy Act that strips regulators of some of the traditional decision-making power over utility projects, however, and directs the SCC to approve up to $9.8 billion in customer cost recovery for the wind farm. A news release from Dominion Energy on Friday estimated the project cost at that same amount — $9.8 billion.
5 Nov 2021

Addo wind farm approval is surprising

With all the socioeconomic and environmental positives that come with having a protected space for the animals to live and roam freely — albeit within a fenced area — it is surprising that a proposal to erect a wind farm within the 10km buffer zone of the park was approved by the department of forestry, fisheries and the environment. Though it is being appealed, the fact that the project may interfere with the elephants’ ability to communicate with each other, according to conservation lobby groups, is a cause for concern.
1 Jun 2021

Finding space for both wind farms and eagles in South Africa

In South Africa, recent research found that 36% of birds killed by wind turbines were birds of prey. These birds have long lifespans and produce relatively few young each year, which means that even a small increase in deaths can cause their populations to decline. This wind-wildlife conflict has been termed a green-green dilemma: more clean energy and healthy bird populations are both desirable environmental goals, yet with detrimental counter effects.
6 Jan 2021

Child labour, toxic leaks: the price we could pay for a greener future

“Men, women and children are working without even the most basic protective equipment such as gloves and face masks,” said Mark Dummett of Amnesty International, which has investigated the cobalt-mining crisis in DRC. “In one village we visited, people showed us how the water in the local stream that they drank was contaminated by the discharge of waste from a mineral processing plant.”
4 Jan 2021

Kenya’s ambitious wind turbines battle community land crosswinds

Numerous unskilled youth employed as construction labourers now find it hard to resume their pastoralist lifestyles in the quest for a false promise of urbanisation. They have turned to drug abuse and crime. Young women and school-going girls have dropped out of school to become sex workers to earn money from project workers. ...Claims of unfulfilled promises include pledges of social amenities like health and education. Community members feel cheated. Lake Turkana Wind Power Limited needs to address this in order to foster a positive atmosphere for the project to thrive.
17 Mar 2020

Google abandons plan to buy stake in Kenya’s Lake Turkana wind power project

American technology giant Google has cancelled plans to buy a 12.5 percent stake in Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP), Africa’s largest wind farm that was officially commissioned last July. ...“Due to delays relating primarily to the transmission line, the Vestas agreement with Google was cancelled in 2019,” said Vestas. “As Vestas’ strategy doesn’t include being a long-term wind park owner, we’re currently in commercial dialogues with potential buyers of our shares.” 
10 Feb 2020

New judges for wind farm case

Chief Justice David Maraga has appointed a new three-judge bench to hear a land case between Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd and Marsabit residents after the previous judges recused themselves. ...The residents say they cannot access the expansive land for grazing, and want nullification of the title deed issued to the wind power company which seeks to inject 310mw into the national grid.
24 Oct 2019

The untold story of Turkana power line

The year was 2017 and all eyes were on Ketraco, which was by now a year late in delivering the 435km Loiyangalani-Suswa transmission line linking Lake Turkana wind farm to the national grid. The project had stalled in as many months, with billions of shillings already having been spent. But the delay had less to do with Ketraco and more with the contracted Spanish company, Isolux Corsan, whose government happened to be the project financier through State loans.
28 May 2019
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