Minidoka County Idaho: resolution concerning Lava Ridge wind project on public lands

Minidoka County Commissioners|August 15, 2022
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This resolution concerning the proposed Lava Ridge wind energy facility was adopted by the Minidoka County Commissioners. THe text of the resolution is provided below. The official, signed resolution can be accessed by clicking the document links on this page.

RESOLUTION NO. 2022-08-15

A Resolution Concerning the Lava Ridge Wind Project on Public Lands

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners is authorized by Idaho Code § 67-6501 to regulate land use in Minidoka County to promote the general welfare of the citizens of Minidoka County, protect property rights, and insure that the important environmental features of the County are protected; and

WHEREAS, LS Power, a private equity and energy company headquartered in New York, along with its newly-created affiliate company, Magic Valley Energy, have proposed a large wind turbine project in a portion of Minidoka County called the Lava Ridge Wind Project; and

WHEREAS, the Lava Ridge Wind Project would place approximately thirty (30) wind turbines, each of which would be up to seven hundred forty (740) feet tall, near Sid Butte on public land managed by the federal government; and

WHEREAS, the commissioners have been speaking with citizens from throughout the County about this project and have heard near-unanimous opposition from them; and

WHEREAS, the commissioners share the concerns of Minidoka County citizens:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners believes this project would disturb the rural character of Minidoka County and does not support the Lava Ridge Wind Project. The Board requests that the Bureau of Land Management conduct a thorough analysis of the effects this proposed project would have on the quality of life in Minidoka County including, but not limited to: sound pollution, visual intrusion, damage to Native American and historical sites, effects on wildlife including eagles and other protected species, groundwater withdrawals, interference with grazing rights, and the pressure this project would place on goods and services in Minidoka County.

DATED this  15  day of August, 2022.


Minidoka County Comm Resolution Lava Ridge Doc00167220220816155458

August 23, 2022


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