Fuel in the fire of the wind farm opponents

Neue Presse|Peter Tischer |December 31, 2021
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The Engel family has been fighting against the system on Kraiberg for years. She recently discovered damage to a tower. Despite the repairs, there is still no peace.

Mittelwasungen - The wind farm on the Kraiberg has been criticized since it was commissioned in 2016. The noise, especially at night, is still unbearable, according to the opponents of the system. In the meantime, residents have even moved away because of that, others are "at the end of their nerves". This is reported by the Engel family from Mittelwasungen, who are fighting with all legal means to have the system modified in such a way that it can no longer be heard. In the best outcome, which is their hope, is for the system is switched off. They are not against wind power, "but the systems from the manufacturer General Electric make us sick", Matthias and Yvonne Engel are convinced. “For more than five years it has only been about wind turbines, about court hearings. Since then, nobody in our house has been able to sleep properly. We also had to shell out over 30,000 euros in court and legal fees. How long can a family hold out?" asks Matthias Engel.

Now two incidents provide further fuel and give the Engels new material for their fight. Oil has leaked from wind turbine 3 and left traces on the tower. "We noticed this a few days ago while walking," reports Matthias Engel. After immediately reporting to the district office, the police and the operator "Naturstrom", their service staff closed the leak. "These General Electric systems are known for oil leaks," says Engel, "we had already pointed this out to the public in April." The district office would also have received all the information about it. "In order to prevent further damage, an independent expert would have to come and check all five wind turbines," demands Matthias Engel.

The second problem has existed for a long time. "Grease deposits that occur during the permanent lubrication of the gears settle on the towers and contaminated the site," Engel points out. Here, too, according to Engel, they "proceeded in an amateurish manner and waited until the rain washed off the grease".

Press spokeswoman Corinna Rösler from the district office replied to the question from the Neue Presse: “As far as the leaked oil-water mixture is concerned, we are still waiting for the report from the repair company. We are counting on him due to the holidays or vacation situation in early / mid-January. In other words, there is currently no other status than the one that has been known since December 24th. "

Marc Barlag, department head for technical operations management at the company "Naturstrom", has not yet responded to a request from Neue Presse.

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