Mink as experimental animals

Kaj Bank Olesen's mink farm has been located in Vildbjerg for 26 years and had gradually become a better and better business. But in 2012, four 3 MW wind turbines were built approx. 350 m from the farm.

Already during the test run of the turbines, the minks reacted violently - so violently that Olesen requested veterinarian Henning Pedersen call the owner of the two nearest turbines and made the company stop the turbines. The minks then stopped biting each other.

But it repeated itself when the turbines were turned on again. The problem is especially an issue when the wind comes from a southern corner.

And it is not only about shame biting, but also spontaneous abortions. The number of abortions has now quadrupled, while the number of barren bitches has increased from 5-10 per cent. to 21.5 per cent. - and as much as 49 per cent. for the bitches who stay closest to the mills. At the same time, of course, earnings have fallen.

Kaj Olesen Bank keeps careful records. Here are the number of pups born to each female, the percentage of barren females, and the number of stillborn pups before and after the wind turbines started operating. * 49% of events in housing closest to wind turbines.

Moving the farm

Mink can not tolerate noise - they get stress - and it obviously goes completely wrong when the noise is low-frequency wind turbine noise.

The owner of the two closest wind turbines, Wind Estate A / S, denies that the wind turbines are the cause. There is no documentation for that, they say. One would otherwise think that Kaj Bank Olesen has provided plenty of evidence. The wind company was otherwise accommodating the first half of the year and turned off the turbines at night when the wind was in the south.

But one had only committed for a limited period.

Therefore, the wind turbines are now running unrestrained again, and the company takes no notice of the eerie scenes that unfold on the mink farm. It can otherwise almost be described as animal abuse and completely destructive for Kaj Bank Olesen's business.

Wind Estate A / S is awaiting. Kaj Bank Olesen has applied to the authorities to move the farm, although this will cost him several million kroner, because their wind turbines do not have to be moved, even if the farm was there first. If Kaj Bank Olesen is then allowed; the Land Zone Act is strict when it comes to new homes in the countryside.

Technical facilities such as wind turbines, on the other hand, adapt to almost all other planning over time.

Difficulty sleeping and stress

The government's health survey regarding the health impacts of wind turbine on residents does not include the new, taller wind turbines which mainly emit infrasound and low-frequency noise.

Stress as a symptom is also not included, although wind turbine noise can cause difficulty sleeping and the resulting stress. In addition, this is a register survey, even though only relatively few large 3 MW turbines have yet been set up, so the task of contacting the neighbors directly is clear.

Why does the National Board of Health not do it?

Does not only affect the animals

The eight female employees at Boye Jensen's nursery near Holbæk, who got giant wind turbines as neighbors, have had their menstrual cycle disrupted. A concrete example that the National Board of Health should take seriously. In the mink case, a final veterinary report is now pending.

Veterinarians have followed the mink case, and neither virus nor anything else is the cause.

The only changed conditions for the minks are the four 140 m high, 3 MW wind turbines, Vestas model V112, which were placed 328 m from the mink farm last year.

One can only guess why the veterinary report is delayed.


JUL 2 2014
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