Washburn Wind project withdrawn

This email from RPM Access confirms the company's cancellation of the Washburn Wind energy facility. The 35-turbine (70 MW) project to be constructed in Black Hawk County Iowa was first approved in a 3-2 vote of the Board of Adjustment in April 2018. In early 2019, the company secured an extension from the county to delay start of construction until July 1, 2020. A law suit filed by county resident, Harold Youngblut, argued the county ordinance was not followed. The court ruled against Mr. Youngblut which he appealed. RMP Access insisted that the suit hindered its ability to find buyers for the energy.  

From: Kevin Lehs 
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 9:27 PM
Cc: Craig Fricke ; Aaron Theisen 
Subject: RE: Washburn Wind Energy LLC Project
Hi Aric & Seth,

Thanks to both of you for working closely with RPMA as we worked through success on the permit process and the ultimate permit for the Washburn Wind. Unfortunately due to the long time it took to get through the district court action and then many months with no action on the appeal we had to make an internal decision concerning the project. That decision was to pull the MISO interconnection deposit, to make the funds available for use on other projects that are moving forward without legal challenge. The long time in getting through the courts worked against the project in light of the  current zoning process. The 2 MW Vestas turbines that we permitted are no longer in production and there is no longer any surplus stock remaining.  We considered extending the permit but it would not help us with getting a different turbine approved without forcing the project to go through another permitting process and likely another lengthy court challenge if approved. If the process would have allowed for the change with administrative approval at your level, prior to approval of a building permit, then it could possibly have been worth the additional time and revenue to work back through the permitting process. So please use this as the official notice that RPMA will not be seeking an extension of the permit for Washburn Wind.

Thanks again for your trust and support,

Kevin Lehs 


JUL 28 2020
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