Infrasound and low frequency noise guidelines: Antiquated and irrelevant for protecting populations

BACKGROUND: Over the past two decades, the increasing and unregulated production of infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN, ≤200 Hz) has led to a considerable rise in associated noise complaints and health-related issues. The most recent of such ILFN sources are industrial wind turbines (IWT). Acoustical field-data was collected within a home located in the vicinity of IWT, to which the AUC Rule 012 and its requirements were applied. In Ontario, IWT noise complaints were gathered under the Freedom of Information legislation. Goal: To explore the usefulness of current noise control rules when protecting human populations against ILFN generated by IWT.

Alves Pereira Et Al 2019 Ilfn Guidelines Antiquated And Irrelevant For Protecing Populations

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JUL 13 2019
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