Dallas County Iowa wind ordinance

Dallas County, Iowa adopted this land-use regulation that includes rules governing the siting of industrial wind turbines. Section 45.39 details the requirements. The full ordinance can be accessed at the links on this page. The portion of the ordinance pertaining to setback distances and noise limits is provided below. 

10. Setbacks. The following setbacks and separation requirements shall apply to all wind turbines, provided that the Board of Adjustment, upon recommendation by the Commission, may reduce the standard setbacks and separation requirements if the intent of the Ordinance would be better served thereby. All structures shall comply with the applicable setbacks as defined by the base zone district.

A. Structures. Each wind turbine shall be set back from the nearest residence, school, hospital, church, or public library a distance of 2640 feet.

B. Property Lines. At no time shall any part of the wind turbine overhang and [sic] adjoining property without securing appropriate easements from adjoining property owners.

C. Public Right-of-Way. Setbacks from public right-of-way, railroads, power lines, and structures shall be a minimum of twice the height of the tower and rotor.

D. Communication and Electrical Lines. Each wind turbine shall be set back from the nearest above-ground public electric power line or telephone line a distance no less than twice total height of tower and rotor, determined from the existing power line or telephone line easement.

E. Environmentally Sensitive Areas. The setback distance from sensitive natural resource areas, wildlife management areas, prairies, wetlands, forested areas, and other significate public agency owned or managed natural resource area property shall be 2 miles from the property line. The setback distance from A-2 zoned areas shall  be ½ mile from the designated zoned boundary line. C-WECS shall not be placed at locations where any species of fish, wildlife or plants protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act have been documented. C-WECS shall not be placed near documented bat hibernation, breeding or nursery colonies and in migration corridors or between known colonies and feeding areas.

11. Noise. Audible noise due to C-WECS sites operation shall not exceed 30dBA for any period of time, when measured at any dwelling, school, hospital, church, or public library existing on the date of approval of any conditional use permit from the property line. Noise level to be certified by a licensed engineer.


Dallas County Iowas Corrected Official Copy Ch45 Z

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DEC 18 2018
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