Wind Farms take center stage at board meeting

BARAGA TOWNSHIP — The Township Board appointed Susan Durham as a new member of the planning commission at the meeting on Tuesday evening.

Durham will be taking over for Jeff Sprenkle. Her term will be starting immediately and will go until March 2020.

The board heard an update on roads from Doug Mills. Doug feels “every road could have a project.”

He proceeded to say that all of the roads need some type of work done, but said there’s no priority or any identified funding for them yet.

He also briefly discussed the project with Spurr township, as previously reported.

Trustee Jerry Dompier, who phoned in on the interview from Florida, shared his concern about the wind farm project that was presented to them at their last meeting.

He said during his trip through Pittsburgh he had an encounter with wind farms.

“I know it’s not directly involving us, but they are not very quiet,” said Dompier.

Dompier mentioned that even being 100 feet away they’re noisy. He also questioned how much money will be spent on the project and suggested that he hoped for further discussion where they could ask more questions.

Dompier would like to ask more questions regarding the project because seeing them up close gave him a “different outlook.”

Trustee Glenn Juntunen reassured Dompier that the project is still in the beginning stages. However, Juntunen said Baraga’s only responsibility involves transmission lines so they might not have much say in what happens.

Clerk Michelle Fish and Treasurer Cathy Wadaga agreed that they might not have much say, so they haven’t thought much about the project since it will be in L’Anse.


JAN 11 2018
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