South Central Board of Education: Letter opposes wind project

This letter, signed by each member of the South Central Board of Education, was submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board in reference to the proposed Greenwich wind energy facility to be located in Huron County, Ohio. The 60 MW project would span approximately 4,600 acres and consist of up to 25 turbines, each at 2.4 MW. The project was approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board in August 2014. The content of the letter is provided below. The actual letter can be downloaded by clicking the link on this page.

Dear Ohio Power Siting Board.

This letter is in reference to the wind farm going into our rural community. We realize that the proper setbacks, laws and public hearing procedurals were followed to get to this point but the people in our community were sold on new tax dollars for our schools, township and fire department without realizing the size, scale and potential problems associated with the wind turbines. As a Board of Education member and resident of this community. We have concerns about the sleep deprivation associated with the wind turbines and how they can affect our children coming to school energized and ready to learn, as well as adults in their wok place, not to mention in their homes.

We now have a peaceful, rural setting and we would hate to see it ruined for a short term profit for our community.

Please help us do the right thing and stop the wind farm


South Central Board of Education

Skmbt 55214090911000

Download file (32.2 KB) pdf

AUG 22 2014
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