Massive wind turbine crashes to the ground with one local saying it sounded like a bomb exploding

One of the turbines at a windfarm in Northern Ireland collapsed - but the reason why is not yet known

A massive turbine at a windfarm has inexplicably crashed to the ground.

People living close to the site in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, reported hearing increasingly large noises during Friday afternoon culminating in a large bang.

One local said it sounded like a bomb exploding. 

A spokesman for DW Consultancy Limited - a firm which develops windfarm projects in Ireland - said it wouldn't comment on what has happened until a statement is released by the manufacturer of the turbine.

The turbine was part of the Screggagh windfarm in the Fivemiletown mountain range between Fintona and Fivemiletown.

The UK is the sixth largest producer of windpower in the world.

It is considered the best location in Europe, having overtaken France and Italy for energy production in 2012.

There are plans to increase Britain's wind-generating capacity by about three times current levels by 2020.


JAN 3 2015
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