Dr. Jay Tibbetts: Wind turbines impact human health

Dr. Jay Tibbetts, a practicing physician, member of the Brown County Board of Health and Medical Adviser to the Brown County Health Department responds to the Australian Medical Association's position on wind power and the impacts on human health.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a practicing physician, member of the Brown County Board of Health and Medical Adviser to the Brown  County Health Department and am appalled by the misguided position of the AMA Australia on their position on the effects of  ILFN on human health. Over the past four years the Board has studied the deleterious effects of IWT’s on human health. We have the Shirley Wind Farm in out county.  It consists of eight  500’ 2.5 megawatt  IWT’s. The effects on our citizens living in the immediate vicinity  i.e. 2-3 mi. of the nearest turbine has been devastating. Ear pressure, pain, tinnitus, vertigo, headache, nausea, chest pain pressure, abdominal pain, poor concentration, sleep depravation, irritability and depression are some of the symptoms our citizens are experiencing.  These symptoms are not unique to our facility but are reported world wide and a direct effect of ILFN. Three families from Shirley Wind have abandoned their homes and several others would move save for financial reasons.  Forty families have left their homes in a wind farm in Ontario, Canada because of the above mentioned symptoms. A  study of  Shirley Wind in 2013  by a group of acousticians has identified significant ILFN.  Professor  Alec Salt has identified the pathway of transmission of ILFN in the inner ear.

Brown County has been well aware of wind turbine health issues sending two resolutions passed by the County Board of Supervisors to the State of Wisconsin. Furthermore, Brown County working with Rick James is in the process of amending our noise ordinance to include ILFN similar to Germany, The Netherlands and Poland.

To accept the view of the AMA Australia challenges every bit of reason and study on this subject.

Jay J. Tibbetts, MD

Dr Jay Tibbetts Response Ama

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MAR 18 2014
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