NHMRC Draft information paper: Evidence on wind farms and human health

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia has recommended a multidisciplinary research effort to determine the impact of industrial scale wind turbines on human health. The attached documents detail the NHMRC's review of current literature on the topic and its draft recommendations for further quality research to address the concerns that some people have raised. The NHMRC is asking Australia's best researchers to address the gaps in the evidence.

NHMRC is currently seeking feedback on a draft Information Paper: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health, which provides the Australian community with a summary of the evidence on whether wind farms cause adverse health effects in humans.

The draft NHMRC Information Paper is based on the Systematic review of the human health effects of wind farms, an independent review of the available scientific literature examining the possible impacts of wind farms on human health. The independent review was commissioned by NHMRC and conducted by Adelaide Health Technology Assessment. The independent review has been released for background only, to assist interested parties in considering the draft Information Paper. The content of the independent review report is not part of the consultation.

Further information on NHMRC’s review of wind farms and human health can be found on the NHMRC website.

You are invited to make a submission to NHMRC by answering the questions listed in the online submission form and providing any additional evidence for consideration.

Submissions of evidence

NHMRC will take into account the level, quality, strength and relevance of any additional evidence submitted in response to Question 3 to Question 6.  NHMRC’s approach for assessing evidence is consistent with an internationally accepted standard. NHMRC’s Evidence Hierarchy is available at:

    NHMRC additional levels of evidence and grades for recommendations for developers of guidelines (PDF, 67KB)

Any additional evidence that is submitted will be considered in the context of the body of evidence already discussed in the systematic review report.

Any additional evidence must meet the inclusion criteria that are specified for each of Question 3 to Question 6 in order to be considered by NHMRC. Personal stories, medical records and raw data will not be considered.

Please check the References section of NHMRC’s systematic review report prior to submitting evidence. Studies that have already been considered by NHMRC do not need to be resubmitted.

Please submit evidence in the form of a full citation to the relevant study or article, and a web link to full text of the study (if possible). The particular document should be easily identifiable from the citation. Documents (e.g. full text articles) cannot be uploaded through NHMRC’s online public consultation portal and should not be provided to NHMRC via email or post. NHMRC will source the full text of submitted citations as required.

NHMRC will only give consideration to submissions that address the public consultation questions and meet the criteria regarding evidence discussed below.

CEO Invitation To Comment - NHMRC

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Systematic Review Human Health Effectsof Wind Farms Dec2013

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NHMRC Draft Information Paper Feb2014

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FEB 25 2014
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