Annual Report: Capital Grant Scheme for Offshore Wind - Scroby Sands Wind offshore farm site

The values in Table 2 are based on total availability and reflect the time that the turbines are available to operate. Hence, no allowance is made for the effects of grid outages or ‘weather days’ which could prevent access to turbines for repairs. The planned availability was exceeded for only one month and the availability across the site was below expectation especially during the autumn period. This was due almost entirely to problems with bearings in the gearbox as will be discussed in Operational Issues.


The Scroby Sands Wind offshore farm site is situated a little over two nautical miles off the coast of Norfolk. The boundary locations of the project are given in Table 1.

Following an extended planning and consenting process the procurement of plant began in early 2003 with construction beginning in November of the same year. Site commissioning took place in late 2004 with handover to E.ON UK on 31st December 2004.The site is now fully operational exporting electricity into the EDF network via a 33KV connection.

The 30 V80 2MW turbines were manufactured and installed by Vestas under a turnkey contract and are maintained by the same company under a Warranty Operations and Maintenance Agreement. Offshore Engineering Design (ode), a company acknowledged as expert in offshore engineering, acted as project supervisors during construction and now act as the clients’ representative on all issues related to the wind farm under a site management contract.

The total wind farm capacity of 60MW was constructed at a total cost of £66.8m which equates to a cost £1.11m/MW and £2.23m/turbine. The capital grant of £10m equates to a cost reduction to E.ON UK of £0.167m/MW.

Capital Grant Scheme For Offshore Wind

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DEC 31 2005
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