New Era letter withdrawing Goodhue Wind Application

In this letter to the Minnesota PUC, New Era Wind Farm LLC told the commission that it "no longer intends to develop a wind energy project in Goodhue County" and asked the commission to close all pending matters related to the project.

Xcel Energy has previously filed information with the Commission regarding the voluntary termination of the two New Era power purchase agreements.

Mew Era Wind Farm, LLC ("New Era") hereby withdraws its request for approval of an updated Avian and Bat Protection Plan Including Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies and an Eagle Conservation Plan [ABPP] as submitted in November 2012. New Era also requests that the Commission terminate its Site Permit as conditionally granted in August 2011.

New Era also withdraws its application for an extension of the Certificate of Need as previously granted by the Commission.

New Era no longer intends to develop a wind energy project in Goodhue County, and respectfully requests that the Commission close all four dockets and all pending matters related thereto.

Peter Mastic
Chief Manager

New Era Goodhue Wind

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SEP 16 2013
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