The Democratic Deficit: A Decade of Deception and Delusion

Editor's Note: Recently updated, Elizabeth Mann's extensive research on the deceptive measures employed by proponents of industrial wind energy in the UK at both the national and local level should prove quite useful to opponents of wind energy in the UK.
I have struggled in my attempt to find a way to convey this information clearly and concisely. Even now I am uncertain I have succeeded as the more convoluted the story becomes, the more difficult it is to relate. It covers the methodology that has been used to promote wind power development. The technology I leave to the scientists, engineers, ecologists and others. However the complete truth regarding the methods used must be recorded as, in the words of Michael Caine: "Not many people know this"

Concise it can never be as it is so convoluted, but after downloading and using the edit and search facility the scale of the delusion and deception will show. Listed are words or phrases which will I believe prove the most productive and some notes to help with the joined-up thinking! This is my first web page and I have not the expertise to provide a sophisticated website with a site map. However please be patient and scroll down this lengthy page! "The New Lambton Wyrm" is proving a curse to the North East. As stated earlier,the story of 'Breeze turning to Twister' needs airing before a pandemic hits the whole of the UK

Elizabeth Mann


JUN 18 2006
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