The costs and impacts of intermittency: An ongoing debate


A recent issue of Energy Policy carried a new contribution to the ongoing debate over the implications of a high penetration of wind power for the UK electricity system [Oswald, J., Raine, M., Ashraf-Ball, H.,2008. Will British weather provide reliable electricity? Energy Policy 36 (8), 3202-3215]. That paper made a number of points that require comment or qualification, in relation to both system-wide impacts and the impact on conventional thermal generation. The purpose of this forum piece is to respond to these points, and to explain where we believe the Oswald paper risks repeating the mistakes of the past by interpreting data in a selective manner, or by erroneously singling out alarming sounding findings which do not reflect how electricity systems and markets operate. The latest EU renewable energy targets do imply a wind penetration level which is considerably higher than that which has hitherto been envisaged, and new research is require to understand the potential impacts. However, such research must be based on statistical or time series simulation modelling.

Intermittency Ep Forum Final

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JUL 1 2008
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