Objection to Proposed Wind Energy Facility at Macarthur

This submission deals only with the potential impact on the natural environment and in particular birds and bats.

CONCLUSIONIn the absence of extensive experience in Australia site selection and assessment should be based on "world's best practice". The site selection and species focus does not meet the requirements set down by the US Fish and Wildlife or the Council of Europe Guidelines to avoid destruction of wild life therefore it is not 'world's best practice". The consequence of these failings is that there is a high risk to a substantial number of threatened species. It is the intention of State and National laws and treaties to not only protect many of the species they list but to improve their opportunity for survival into the future. The proposed Macarthur wind farm will clearly kill a range of birds in the district and as the permit should be refused.
Submission On Macarthur By Aec

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OCT 6 2005
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