Burtchell letter to Roxbury, ME residents

Robert and Becky Burtchell of Mars Hill, ME provided this letter to the residents of Roxbury, ME in hopes the voters of Roxbury would make an informed decision before agreeing to permit industrial turbines on their ridgelines. This letter is published here with the permission of the Burtchells.

Because of the turbines project my wife and I have had to make a decision of selling this property or living with the noise, strobing, and scenic view of the mountains gone forever.

This family farm of 200 acres was divided between my brother and myself with intent of passing the land to the next generation. My brother's goal was to build a cabin within the next two to three years but because of noise and destructive view of the mountain, this will never happen.

There are sounds heard inside and outside of this house. The tonal noise in the house can be felt physically and the noise outside sounds like an international airport. The noise increases by direction of wind, weather patterns - such as rain, snowstorm and different seasons. In the summer, we can't open a window when the temperature is hot because of the noise.

Don't be gullible about wind projects and listen to corporate lies and greed. Find out all of the facts on your web-sites before any decisions are made. DEP has given their pledge of support by granting a variance of 50 decibels when the building permit allows 45 decibels in a quiet zone.

We have been lied to from the beginning about noise and location of turbines. Our town counsel has sold this beautiful mountain and residents on the north side of this project for pennies. Review all of the truth about wind turbines before making a decision that will impact your residents forever.


Robert and Becky Burtchell
Mars Hill

APR 10 2008
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