Impact of wind farms on the value of residential property and agricultural land

Executive Summary

-60% of the sample suggested that wind farms decrease the value of residential properties where the development is within view

-67% of the sample indicated that the negative impact on property prices starts when a planning application to erect a wind farm is made

-The main factors cited for the negative impact on property values are:

o visual impact of wind farm after completion

o fear of blight

o the proximity of a property to a wind farm

-Once a wind farm is completed, the negative impact on property values continues but becomes less severe after two years or so after completion


-The survey suggests that wind farms do not impact on residential property values in a uniform way. The circumstances of each development can be different

-This report points to a need for further research to track the impact of wind farms and to examine in particular whether the nature of any adverse impact diminishes as wind farms become an increasingly familiar part of the rural scene.


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JAN 1 2004
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