USA Renewables giants nixed from clean energy index 21 Oct
USA New York Equinor seeks delay in completion date of offshore wind farm 18 Oct
Australia Reporters find it hard to tell truth about renewables 17 Oct
UK UK to put nuclear power at heart of net zero emissions strategy 15 Oct
USA Virginia ‘Bloody expensive.’ Major U.S. offshore wind plan hits obstacles 14 Oct
New Brunswick Wind turbine collapse under investigation in southeast New Brunswick 14 Oct
USA Biden's bold offshore wind energy plans face long bureaucratic road ahead 14 Oct
Europe France's Le Pen says she will take down wind turbines if she is elected 14 Oct
USA New York Plug-in cars are the future. The grid isn’t ready. 13 Oct
Minnesota Grand Meadow Wind Energy decommissioning plan and costs 13 Oct
Europe Two Norway wind farms lose licence in landmark ruling over indigenous rights 11 Oct
Europe Licence for wind power development on Fosen ruled invalid as the construction interferes with Sami reindeer herders' right to enjoy their own culture 11 Oct
Europe Norway court rules two windfarms harming Sami reindeer herders 11 Oct
UK Underwater power cables are 'mesmerising' brown crabs and causing biological changes that could affect their migration habits, scientists warn 11 Oct
UK Massive wind farm off North Wales coast will 'destroy' coastal views 8 Oct
Michigan The nays have it: Stanton Township survey finds 83% opposed to wind turbines; planning commission idea to go to referendum 8 Oct
New York Judge denies preliminary injunction rejecting challenge to office of renewable energy siting regulations 4 Oct
Germany German power plant halted after it runs out of coal 3 Oct
Germany Nordex halts 19 wind turbines after N149 collapses in Germany 2 Oct
Germany Wind turbine collapsed at Haltern: Search for the cause begins 30 Sep
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