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Shirley Wind 'human health hazard' signs displayed by homeowners

Img_1254_thumb Numerous residents living within, or in the environs of Duke Energy's  Shirley Wind project in the Town of Glenmore, WI are now displaying 4' x 4' yard signs stating what the Brown County Board of Health officially declared, namely, that the Shirley Wind turbines are "a human health hazard" There are now 20 families displaying the signs, many of which are shown on this page. Visitors to this page are encouraged to share these photos with others. The photos can be downloaded in high resolution by clicking the links below.  
19 Apr 2015

Waubra Wind Farm and the city of Ballarat

Waubrawind_ballaret_thumb Australia's Waubra Wind Farm, erected by Acciona Wind, is the largest wind facility in the southern hemisphere with 128 turbines and 192 megawatts capacity. The project consumes 173 square kilometers or 43,000 acres of land located 35 kilometers (nearly 22 miles) from the City of Ballaret shown in the foreground of the image. Commissioned in September 2009, the project has been plagued by news reports of noise disturbance.
23 Feb 2010

Transformers at Canadian Hydro Developers wind energy facility

Chd_twotransformers_thumb This photo shows the two transformers now installed at Canadian Hydro Developers' Melancthon I and II industrial wind energy facility (total 133-turbines). The project is located in Melancthon and Amaranth townships two hours northwest of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). The transformers occupy approximately 4.5 acres and are located 360 meters from the front door of a private residence owned by Paul Thompson. Mr. Thompson told that noise from the transformers has required he move out of his house at night and rent other accommodations.
19 Jan 2010

Turbine near home

Turbinecohoctonny_thumb A wind turbine is seen from Hal Graham’s window on Lent Hill in Cohocton. Mr. Graham signed a lease agreement with First Wind (formerly UPC Wind) to permit turbines on his property. Since signing, Mr. Graham has been vocal in arguing First Wind was not forthcoming with how noisy the turbines would be. According to aerial photographs of Mr. Graham's property, two industrial-scale turbines are located at 1050 feet and 2000 feet of the wall of his home. In total there are six industrial scale turbines within one-mile of his house.
7 Apr 2009

Brownsville, WI turbine #4

Turbine_4_garden_thumb Meyer Family lives 3/4 miles east of South Byron in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. The new wind turbines went on line the first week of March, 2008. The family has maintained a log of the noise from the turbines since March 3, 2008. (See:
2 Jun 2008
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