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Land may be seized to make way for solar farms in net zero drive

Matt Hancock MP, the former health secretary, who along with Lucy Frazer, a Treasury minister, represents the area earmarked for the development, told The Telegraph: “By attempting to force through unpopular proposals they [Sunnica] damage the case for delivering the renewables we need. “I support solar developments locally where they are in the right place, with the support of us locally. The way Sunnica has gone about this is completely wrong."
16 Jan 2022

Ferris Township wind, solar survey sees low response rate; Surveys are still being accepted until Feb. 28

“What we’re doing this for is information gathering,” Calverley added. “We’re not making any policy because of this. We’re just trying to get the temperature of the township. “If we start getting into this windmill stuff, there’ll be a lot of scrutinizing no matter what we say,” he added with a chuckle. “I talked to (Douglass Township Supervisor) Terry Anderson the other day and he said ‘I never,’ he said, ‘you sit and wonder why are we doing this?’” Stearns noted.
15 Jan 2022

Groups and websites against the wind industry

Censuses show that in total there are more than 170 websites and Facebook groups devoted to work against the destruction of the wind industry. A few of these are no longer active because they are about cases that have already been lost or won. Others show medium or very high activity.
11 Jan 2022

Aroostook farming leaders fear solar projects will steal prime potato land

“In 2019 when legislation was passed that opened the door for a large-scale increase in solar development, we started getting calls from tons of farmers who were being contacted by solar developers looking to site solar installations on their land,” Ellen Griswold, policy and research director at the trust, said Wednesday. Though economic development and consumer factors are important, Griswold said developers should also consider the impact energy projects would have on agricultural resources as part of their site evaluation criteria.
7 Jan 2022

Regulators approve $162M wind farm purchase; first project approved under 2010 siting rule

Regulators have approved the purchase of a proposed wind farm in southwestern Wisconsin that is the state’s first project approved under 12-year-old rules designed to make the process easier for developers. The Public Service Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to authorize Wisconsin Public Service Corp. and Madison Gas and Electric to spend $162 million on the Red Barn Wind Farm as part of long-term strategies to phase out coal-fired power plants and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
6 Jan 2022

For farmers across America, solar power may spell trouble

The Solar Futures Study also emphasizes the potential of “solar-pollinator habitats,” which are intended to combine solar panels with pollinator-friendly native plants, ultimately bolstering crop yields while simultaneously producing cleaner energy. Christensen-Lewis, who already plants wildflowers on her organic farm to encourage pollinators, has her doubts about those habitats as well. “We always say that when a solar company comes in and puts in their pollinator habitat, it’s three years away from becoming a patch of weeds, and then they’re going to have to use Roundup,” she said. “It’s just a label—it’s just a selling point—and not necessarily a very good one.”
5 Jan 2022

Upgrades to Lowell substation, two transmission lines, costs increase $5 million-plus, GMP confirms

“Is this throwing more money at a project that should never have been built where it is, all at ratepayer expense?” asked Smith. “Regardless of the reason, the Lowell Wind project was built in a remote area with extraordinary ecological resources that had much greater value than the minimal amount of electricity being produced. It was well known at the time it was proposed that the area lacked adequate transmission capacity to handle the additional power. There is no excuse, more than a decade later, to saddle ratepayers with any additional costs.”
3 Jan 2022

Battles against two Kildare wind farm proposals

Last November, many members of the Monasterevin community were delighted to learn An Bord Pleanála had upheld the decision by Kildare Co Council to refuse planning permission for a proposed new wind farm on the Rathangan Road. ...Meanwhile, an appeal against a €70 million Kildare wind farm for the Carbury area is still before the courts.
31 Dec 2021

Once stellar green stocks fell even more than airlines in 2021

Deutsche Lufthansa AG has shed about a fifth of its value this year, while British Airways owner International Consolidated Airlines Group is down 12 per cent. Disappointing as they may look, such returns look stellar compared to plunges of 37 per cent for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, and 33 per cent for offshore wind farm champion Orsted A/S. After dropping by nearly a third this year, Vestas Wind Systems has warned that more pain lies ahead, amid surging commodity prices and supply-chain bottlenecks that disrupted production. But the cost of raw materials is not the only reason blamed for the lackluster returns.
30 Dec 2021

Wind, solar projects have opponents, supporters

It’s difficult to pick a single topic that has received more ink this year than renewable energy projects. With solar projects tipping the scales a bit more than wind, the WDN has covered meetings at all levels, interviewed citizens as well as local and state legislators on the topic and have worked to stay on top of the subject as the conversations and legislation continue to evolve.
29 Dec 2021

Wind farm dismantling method prompts debate among North Dakota regulators

North Dakota regulators on Wednesday approved a wind farm’s plan for dismantling its turbines at the end of the facility’s life using a new method that drew a comparison to chopping down trees. ...The PSC denied another wind farm’s request for more time to comply with the state’s light mitigation law. The state requires that wind farms use technology to keep the red lights atop turbines from blinking all night long. ...The commission earlier this month denied similar extension requests from other wind farms.
29 Dec 2021

Nye County votes to oppose Rough Hat solar project

After hearing from many in the community who oppose the Rough Hat Nye County Solar Project, the advisory committe decided to withhold support for the project. That recommendation was a key piece of the puzzle when the Nye County Commission took up the topic on Dec. 16. Many opponents have cited the project’s potential negative environmental impacts and its effect on recreational activites. Some fear a drop in housing values, if the project is approved.
22 Dec 2021

Build it and they won't come – An Iowa farmer explains backlash against big solar

These fights are part of a global backlash against the energy sprawl that always comes with the expansion of wind and solar energy. Earlier this month, the International Energy Agency’s “Renewables 2021” report included more than a dozen mentions of the growing problem of “social acceptance” of renewables in countries all over the world. For instance, in Italy, the IEA says that “limited land availability and growing social acceptance challenges further hamper faster growth of renewables.”
22 Dec 2021

County considers 129-turbine Rock Creek Wind Project

Following a public hearing for the proposed Rock Creek Wind Project this week, the Albany County Board of Commissioners has 45 days to make a decision about whether to approve its wind energy conversion systems permit. The commission declined to make a decision Tuesday, as commissioners wanted time to ask more questions about the project in coming weeks.
9 Dec 2021
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