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Kibby Mountain access roads

Img_0836_thumb Transcanada is constructing a 44-turbine, 132-megawatt wind facility in the State of Maine. The site spans 22 kilometers along the ridge line on Kibby Mountain and Kibby Range, just south of the Quebec border. These photos demonstrate the degree of terrain alteration just to support the access roads through the project site.
2 Nov 2008

Kibby Mountain erosion 1

Kibbymaineerosion1_thumb The Maine Land Use Regulatory Commission approved Transcanada's 44-turbine facility. Construction was initiated in 2008. Half-mile spur off has some ditching maintenance needs along the landing yard. The spur road is creating some sedimentation and coloring of runoff water in this area. Upslope skidder access roads are not being used and are waiting for the erosion control crew to restore the skidder roads back to a finalized stable state.
27 Oct 2008
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