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Enfield Residents Slow Down the Wind

However, residents of Enfield, where the wind farm is planned, objected, saying they have health and safety concerns that have not been addressed. Mimi Mehaffey, of Bostwick Road, said she lives in an earth-berm passive solar house. “Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder what more I could be doing to avert the doom of climate change,” she said. “[But] the health and safety issues with the wind farm are real. Slow down this process, and site the turbines correctly. Please allow the Enfield Town Board to work without interference.” 
11 Feb 2016

Wind farm denied in Davison County

The proposed wind farm would have occupied a 3-mile by 1-mile stretch of Brad and Peggy Greenway's land in Beulah Township, which continued to garner heavy dissatisfaction from neighbors concerned with the project's impact on quality of life and property value. After the project was denied, Juhl Energy's Vice President of Project Development Corey Juhl expressed his confusion and disappointment in the outcome.
9 Feb 2016

Elm Springs voters to decide annexation; Proposed wind farm site may not remain part of town

Voters in the coming weeks will decide if the proposed site for a controversial wind farm will remain part of this small town. An election is set for March 1, the same day as the partisan primaries, on whether to repeal the annexation of about 312 acres on the west end of Elm Springs. The City Council approved the annexation in October, but a petition drive that ended in December put the question on the ballot.
9 Feb 2016

Wind company's desperation showed at Somerset hearing

With Apex's reputation in other wind projects prompting thoughts of snake oil salesmen, the Town of Somerset is right to do its due diligence to protect the natural environment, residents' health, safety, welfare and property values, and the town's own comprehensive plan. ...The biggest insult is that out-of-state Apex LLC tried to intimidate the Somerset Town Board with a veiled suggestion of a lawsuit. 
7 Feb 2016

Tompkins residents flood legislature chambers to speak on wind farm

The original language resolved, "That the Tompkins County Legislature supports the development of the Black Oak Wind Farm Project without further delay." The "without further delay" was changed to "in a timely manner," to reaffirm that project was Enfield's decision and that the legislature was not trying to push the project forward without allowing the town time to do its due diligence.
5 Feb 2016

Town Residents Oppose Location of Windfarm

Over 180 residents of Enfield have signed a petition asking the town to amend its laws regarding wind turbine noise levels, and to delay the project until these issues are addressed. “The residents who live where this project is being built are asking the Town of Enfield to pause long enough to review the law that was passed seven years ago.
5 Feb 2016

Commissioners approve wind energy moratorium

The Clinton County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday, February 2, to sign off on an amendment to the county’s zoning ordinances placing a moratorium on all wind energy applications until the planning and zoning board can review – and potentially amend – their wind energy regulations.
4 Feb 2016

Turbine special permit hearing closes

Representatives for the town and a dozen neighbors of its first wind turbine, known as Wind 1, gave closing remarks Thursday, January 28, regarding a special permit application for the turbine. The turbine is currently shut down in accordance with a cease-and-desist order issued by the board in the fall.
2 Feb 2016

Somerset divided over wind energy law

The 54-page proposed law restricts any wind energy systems from being built in residential or business districts or within the boundaries of the town's local waterfront revitalization program. The revised law was created with the help of an ad hoc committee that included town officials and residents appointed by the town and Apex. ...​Taylor Quarles, development manger for Apex Clean Energy, said the amended law is effectively a ban on wind energy in the town.
2 Feb 2016

Wind farm hinges on zoning

“My position remains that 85, if not 95 percent of those folks in the Eastern District, do not want to see that commercial wind turbine project go forward on East River Mountain,” Stacy said. “I’ve invited them twice to look at other sites, including one of the old abandoned strip mines that has a lot of infrastructure on it.” Ryan Frazier, a spokesman for Dominion, said the company evaluated several different ridgetops early into the process.
1 Feb 2016

Board approves moratorium on wind applications

The moratorium approved Friday comes in the form of an amendment to the county’s zoning order. At the end of the meeting, despite a vague attempt by the board to clarify, it was unclear if the planning and zoning board’s vote meant the moratorium amendment would be enacted immediately or if there was more to the process.
28 Jan 2016

Vermont’s energy siting struggle hits crescendo

On Wednesday, more than 100 protesters gathered at the Statehouse to demand local control for energy siting. Leading the demonstration were state Sen. John Rodgers, D-Essex/Orleans; Karen Horn, policy director for the Vermont League of Cities and Towns; and Don Chioffi, a member of the Rutland Selectboard. Together they argued the energy project siting process as it stands now oversteps the will of ratepayers.
21 Jan 2016
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