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Fire reaches northern edge of wind farm near Ellensburg

PSE spokesman Ray Lane said he's awaiting word if wind farm employees can come back to the facility to check on the condition of turbines and associated high-tech equipment that might be affected by soot and ash that's fallen from the fire ...The turbines have been in "paused" mode as the fire approached and are not generating electricity. Lane said evaluation today may allow to go back into operation, or it could be another day before they are operational.
1 Aug 2013

Wind Farm Rotor Failures

Repair-in-progress_thumb Recently there have been several units shut down while 10 blades were repaired. If each came from a different turbine it would mean the wind farm was producing 10% less electricity than planned while the turbines were out of service. It could also support the contention that the life of wind farms will be less than planned.
27 Jul 2013

RAF in battle to block 'dangerous' wind farm

Turbines show up on radar and are difficult to distinguish from small aircraft, so RAF planes steer six miles clear of them. But with Typhoon jets due to move to Lossiemouth next summer, and the number of turbines nearby growing, air force bosses say they are struggling to cope with further developments.
23 Jul 2013

Windmill leaf comes off again; GCDA red-faced

Hardly three weeks after it was installed with much fanfare, one of the leaves of the windmill at the Marine Drive came off a second time in heavy rain and wind on Thursday afternoon leaving the Greater Cochin Development Authority (GCDA) with egg on its face. ...the company had undertaken the project on a trial basis and would replace it with solar power if the windmill was found unsuccessful.
19 Jul 2013

Windmill at Marine Drive reinstalled

The reinstalled windmill has only three fan leaves, compared to the original five, and the shaft thickness has been increased from two to five inches, said sources. "As we have high winds at Marine Drive, especially in the morning, we have reduced the number of wings in the windmill.
14 Jul 2013

Wind farm fire fighting concerns

Malcolm Barlow says the proponents of wind farm projects should have to make a significant fire fighting contribution to the local council. He says aerial resources represent around 40 per cent of fire fighting capacity. "Pilots are loath, understandably, to fly anywhere near wind turbines especially in smoky conditions," he said.
11 Jul 2013
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