USA Offshore wind industry leaders ask Congress to back long-term plans to increase production 22 Oct
UK Windfarm campaigners accuse Dumfries and Galloway council of "failing" to protect "precious and unique" landscape 22 Oct
Germany Expensive and unsafe 22 Oct
Ontario Wind turbines and adverse health effects: Applying Bradford Hill’s criteria for causation 22 Oct
Europe Enercon probes damaged E-138s in Germany, France 22 Oct
UK Hundreds voice their anger over Sunnica's plans to build huge new solar farm on the outskirts of Newmarket 21 Oct
Virginia Irate farmers blast environmental harm caused by solar array 21 Oct
Germany Storm sweeps across the region: Wind turbine in Nattheim destroyed by storm 21 Oct
Europe UK Turbine parts dropped Into sea at Ormonde offshore wind farm 21 Oct
USA Renewables giants nixed from clean energy index 21 Oct
USA Massachusetts Competition fierce for offshore wind's a 'once in a generation opportunity' 21 Oct
California Transition to Nowhere 20 Oct
Massachusetts Baker tries to rejigger offshore wind procurement 20 Oct
Ohio Icebreaker wind project proposed for Lake Erie needs to find more financing soon 20 Oct
New Hampshire Hinsdale solar project would be largest in state 19 Oct
Nevada Nevada dilemma: Renewable energy or national monument? 19 Oct
USA New York Equinor seeks delay in completion date of offshore wind farm 18 Oct
Australia Reporters find it hard to tell truth about renewables 17 Oct
UK UK to put nuclear power at heart of net zero emissions strategy 15 Oct
Ireland Council to slash amount of land in Kerry available for new wind farms 15 Oct
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