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Pa. wind turbines deadly to bats, costly to farmers

The 420 wind turbines now in use across Pennsylvania killed more than 10,000 bats last year -- mostly in the late summer months, according to the state Game Commission. That's an average of 25 bats per turbine per year, and the Nature Conservancy predicts as many as 2,900 turbines will be set up across the state by 2030. This is a bad time to be a bat.
17 Jul 2011

Even gaping coal pits are better than windmills on Kansas plains

As Kermit the Frog knows, it's not easy being green. When it comes to extracting energy from Mother Earth, you pick your poison. We used to live in Farmington, N.M., near two large power plants and an open-pit coal mine. They weren't pretty, but compared to those windmills the limited land damage of a coal mine and power plant look rather appealing. They are certainly more efficient.
16 Jul 2011

Anti-wind protesters to attend Rollins wind project event

"Two groups should stand together to protest the ribbon-cutting of the soon-to-be operational wind project: people from the Lincoln Lakes region who are affected by the project and people from all over the state who strive to stop the proliferation of industrial wind power in Maine," said Brad Blake, a leader of the Friends of Lincoln Lakes.
16 Jul 2011

PUC ruling throws open bidding for Molokai wind

Hermina Morita, the PUC chairwoman, said: "Part of the PUC's role in clean energy development in Hawaii is to ensure an open and fair process. . . . However, (HECO and Castle & Cooke's) proposed assignment of 200 megawatts to Molokai Ranch goes beyond the scope of the PUC's waiver from the original competitive bid process."
16 Jul 2011

Wind Opponents Lament Failed Vermont Policies

Renewable energy sources in Vermont are too expensive compared to others that are available, he said during an informational meeting about the mail-in vote on the proposed upgrade of a VEC power line from Lowell to Jay. He said the utilities shouldn't just follow such policies, that there is no real penalty if they can't meet the goals set by the Legislature.
16 Jul 2011

State signs off on North Shore wind farm plans

The actual energy output of a wind project is often substantially less than its stated capacity. For example, the Kawailoa wind project would produce about 25 percent of its 70-megawatt capacity over the course of a year, according to an analysis of data provided by First Wind in its EIS.
15 Jul 2011

Time to overhaul state's wind farm laws

Goodhue County has become an involuntary guinea pig ...And the "experiment" isn't over. Further legal challenges are possible, and the PUC ruling still leaves some significant hurdles in front of AWA Goodhue, which is still trying to determine how many of its 50 proposed windmill sites would be affected by the 1,600-foot setback requirement is now in place.
15 Jul 2011

Xcel, Boulder can't agree on deal for green energy

Xcel said it remains committed to its customers in Boulder, a city of roughly 100,000 residents about 30 miles north of Denver. Xcel maintains that Boulder can reduce its carbon emissions better with its help than it could on its own, "and without the significant cost and inherent risk of municipalization."
15 Jul 2011

Portland board OKs 'conservative' rules for urban turbines

It would allow turbines on residential and commercial properties if they meet certain height, sound and setback restrictions and don't "substantially obstruct public views." Jean Fraser, the city planner who put the ordinance together, called it "conservative" compared with turbine regulations in other cities.
15 Jul 2011

Boone Pickens challenges Canada on green power law

"This clear favoritism disadvantaged Mesa, as well as other wind developers, and clearly violates the spirit, goals and objectives of the North American Free Trade Agreement," Robertson said. Mesa's filing also mentions the "buy local" requirements and challenges the "preferential treatment".
15 Jul 2011

Voters back turbine ban

Logan, who campaigned for the ban, said he was surprised the vote was so overwhelmingly against turbines. "This is an accurate reflection on how people feel," he said. He said that although the village board wasn't legally bound to the voters' will, it was ethically obligated to follow suit.
14 Jul 2011
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