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Policy and planning guidelines for development of wind energy facilities in Victoria

52_32_thumb The Victoria Planning Provisions are undergoing amendments to account for wind energy development. Several key elements of the amendments are posted below. Three documents explaining the changes can be accessed by selecting the links at the bottom of this page. The changes prohibit the siting of turbines (a) within two kilometres of a existing dwellings unless written consent from the owner of the dwelling is provided, (b) in areas with high conservation and landscape values, and (c) locations that feature a high degree of amenity, environmental value, or are a significant tourist destination.
1 Aug 2011

Comments on Tule Wind LLC’s Proposed general plan and zoning ordinance Amendments

Tule_wind_llc_paa_volker_comments071211_thumb The following comments were submitted to the Department of Planning and Land Use in San Diego County California in opposition to Iberdrola-Tule Wind LLC's request for amendments to the County's General Plan, the local Community Plan, and to the existing and draft revised Wind Energy Ordinance. The comment letter was prepared by Attorney Stephan Walker on behalf of several grass-roots non-profit groups.
12 Jul 2011

The City of Orono suit to stop wind turbine

51991791-orono-lawsuit_1__thumb The city of Orono has gone to court to stop a resident from putting up a back-yard wind generator. The conflict between Jay Nygard and the city involves a home-sized turbine on Nygard's lakeshore property. The suit asserts that Orono zoning prohibits the turbine as an allowed use and that the location is too close to property lines. Nygard contends the city misinterpreted its rules.
8 Mar 2011

Town of Phillips, Maine Wind Energy Facility Ordinance

Phillipswindenergyfacilityordinance_thumb The purpose of this Ordinance is to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and property owners of Phillips by establishing reasonable and uniform regulations for Wind Energy Facilities (WEFs). The comprehensive setback standards detailed in the ordinance protect against the hazards of a) Falling and Debris Hazard, b) Flicker Hazard, and c) Acoustic Hazard.
16 Sep 2010

Wisconsin Wind Siting Council Final Report

Wsc_final_report_and_cover_letter_8-9-2010_thumb This document represents the WI Wind Siting Council's final recommendations to the Public Service Commission regarding the proper siting of wind energy facilities. The Council was unable to achieve consensus on its findings and recommendations. Included in the document is a minority report prepared by four of the fifteen members sitting on the Council. Appendix B contains the straw proposal proffered by the Chairman of the Council, Dan Ebert. The straw proposal formed the basis of the recommendations.
9 Aug 2010

Town of Holland wind energy conversion system (WECS) ordinance

Hollandwind_energy_ordinance_draft-final_thumb The township of Holland in northeastern Wisconsin recently drafted an ordinance to protect the health and safety of its residents from Invenergy LLC's proposed plan to build industrial wind turbines within 1000 ft. of residences. After extensive study and review of wind turbines and their effects on people, wildlife, farm animals, and land, the town wind study committee, planning commission, and town board unanimously approved increasing the set-back to 2640ft(1/2 mile) from occupied structures and limiting noise to a maximum of 35 decibels. A summary of the ordinance is below. The full ordinance can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of the page.
1 May 2010

Complaint filed against Dartmouth, MA Selectboard re: two permitted wind turbines

Dartmouthma_turbinelawsuit_thumb Residents of the Town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts filed this complaint against the Town's Selectboard members due to legal failures identified in the complaint involving a special permit to construct two utility-scale wind turbines. The introduction of the complaint is provided below. The full complaint can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of this page.
1 Feb 2010

Appeal of Maine final order, Record Hill Wind LLC

Record_hill_appeal_(part_2)_thumb This appeal was filed by the Concerned Citizens to Save Roxbury ("CCSR") in response to the August 20, 2009 final order issued by Maine's Department of Environmental Protection granting approval for Record Hill Wind LLC to construct a 22-turbine wind energy facility in Roxbury, Maine. The aggrieved parties further request a public hearing on its appeal on the grounds that credible, conflicting medical and technical information regarding the licensing criterion and it is likely that a public hearing will assist the State in understanding the evidence.
21 Sep 2009

Newell vs. Libertyville - transcript

Newell_vs_libertyville_thumb The residents of Libertyville, IL struggled since April 2009 with noise and flicker from a 120-foot, 50 kilowatt Entegrity wind turbine erected within 250-feet of residential properties. Following a civil proceeding seeking relief from the noise and other nuisances, the Court issued a compromise ruling ordering turbine operation be restricted to weekdays only during the hours of 9am to 3pm. Below is an excerpt of the court transcript explaining the law supporting the Court's ruling. The full transcript can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
24 Jul 2009
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