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Wolverine Canyon sign

Wolvsign_thumb This sign was recently placed on the road leading to Wolverine Canyon in Idaho. The county fought to have the sign removed but it's still up. "Welcome to Wolverine Canyon. This property is currently used for livestock and agriculture activities. To protect the natural habitat please stay on the public roads and designated trails. The natural peace and beauty you find here will soon be lost forever by the installation of three hundred 490 foot tall windmills. Please enjoy your drive and take pictures, because Wolverine Canyon will never be the same."
22 Jun 2008

Brownsville, WI turbine #4

Turbine_4_garden_thumb Meyer Family lives 3/4 miles east of South Byron in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. The new wind turbines went on line the first week of March, 2008. The family has maintained a log of the noise from the turbines since March 3, 2008. (See:
2 Jun 2008

Cap Chat

32785-10159_thumb Residents of the coastal community of St. Leandre de Matane asked PQ leader Andre Boisclair to "humanize" the development of wind energy if he is elected premier. Wind farms, like this one in Cap Chat, are a noisy blight on the landscape, residents charge.
11 Mar 2007
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