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Wind energy regulations approved

Costello said the proposed amendments are based on small wind energy system regulations in other counties throughout the state and region. "They take into account current standards that are pretty much nationwide," he said. "It's nice to consider the rights of the person who wants to put up a wind tower, but it shouldn't be at the expense of the neighbors."
5 Oct 2011

Permitting concerns swirl

Person after person, many of who were members of the Northern Laramie Range Alliance, spoke against wind energy development in Converse County ...Kenneth Lay read a statement that said, in part, "I'm here today with many other citizens because the action you are considering is one of the most important in our recent history. It's important because industrial scale wind energy generation is transforming Converse County and not for the better."
4 Nov 2010

Wind farm zoning rules put on hold

The Campbell County Commission has decided to take three more weeks to discuss wind farm zoning regulations before voting on emergency wind rules that it thinks will ensure safe and responsible wind energy development in Campbell County. The commissioners want to pass the wind farm regulations soon so they will be in place before construction starts in August on the first wind farm in Campbell County.
16 Jun 2010

Wyoming wind farm standards possible

The Wyoming Legislature might soon consider creating minimum standards for wind development statewide, a move that might have implications for future Cowboy State wind farms that could supply power to Colorado utilities. ...A Wyoming legislative task force on wind energy has recommended regulating wind development across the state because a lack of regulation could impact both quality of life and the environment, according to a task force report issued Nov. 1.
10 Nov 2009

New wind regulations protect land owners

Amendments to Natrona County's wind energy regulations should avoid the disputes between landowners and developers that erupted earlier this year, county Development Department Director Blair Leist said Tuesday. "We have done what we could to make sure that doesn't happen (again)," Leist said.
17 Sep 2009

Utility seeks approval for new Wyoming wind farm

Rocky Mountain Power is progressing with plans to build a 74-turbine wind farm north of Medicine Bow and aims to begin producing electricity by November of next year, a company official said Wednesday. Representatives of the Utah-based utility presented plans for the 111-megawatt Dunlap I wind project to Wyoming Public Service Commission staff members.
16 Sep 2009

County permits Dunlap wind farm; More discussion of building permit fees than conditional use permit

PacifiCorp was granted a conditional use permit for its Dunlap Ranch Wind Energy Project by the Carbon County Planning Commission on Monday. The Planning Commission voted unanimously, after a public hearing, to grant the permit to allow PacifiCorp to build the wind farm on mostly private land about eight miles north of Medicine Bow.
25 Aug 2009

Wyo wind farms need consistent regulations

There may be a place for local decision-making on wind farm siting, but the situation now is confusing for wind developers. Throw in the fact that wind turbines on federal land require additional analysis and approval by the Bureau of Land Management, and you have multiple levels of permitting that most certainly contain some inconsistencies.
5 Jul 2009

Board tables wind farm vote

The commissioners tabled the important vote on the county's first substantial wind energy project after more than four hours of public discussions at Rock Springs City Hall during the Tuesday night meeting. Tasco Engineering Inc. of Lehi, Utah, is seeking a conditional use permit to expand its proposed White Mountain Wind Farm. ...Commissioners said they wanted to be "very, very careful" and review all of the information presented during the formal public hearing before making a decision.
2 Jul 2009

Judge dismisses anti-wind farm petition

Neighbors opposed to Chevron Global Power Co.'s wind farm northeast of Evansville on Tuesday lost their attempt to have a judge review and invalidate the Natrona County Commission's approval of the permits for the project. ...The neighbors are considering their next moves and fuming at the decision by Natrona County District Judge Thomas Sullins.
1 Jul 2009

Wind farm construction shouldn't be in doubt

The Natrona County Commission has had three years to consider how to regulate commercial wind farms here. ...But there were no county guidelines for construction of wind farms three years ago. In fact, the county commission didn't approve its wind farm regulations until last September. ...after more than a dozen public meetings over the last two years, neighboring property owners have petitioned a 7th District Court judge to invalidate the permits approved by the county commissioners.
3 May 2009

Residents remain cautious about White Mountain wind farm

The proposed wind power project on the top of White Mountain has generated tremendous interest locally in wind energy. Local residents were able to hear a variety of view points on the topic last Wednesday, at a wind forum hosted by the Sweetwater County Commissioners. Mark Kot, Sweetwater County Planning and Zoning Director, and organizer of the event, opened by saying this was neither a forum on the White Mountain project, or a public hearing.
29 Apr 2009

Firm eyes big Converse wind farm

A state board has approved a special-use lease for a $4 billion wind farm in Converse County, the latest -- and biggest -- of several wind power projects in the area. Before their vote Thursday, the State Board of Land Commissioners heard a complaint about a lack of information provided by Clipper Windpower Development Co. officials to its new neighbors. ...The total project will encompass 109,740 acres, including 7,614 acres of state land.
11 Apr 2009

Wind farm construction could begin as early as 2010

Windmills may soon dot the prairie in southern Albany County, if all goes as planned for a company that places large-scale wind farms in rural areas. Ridgeline Energy, a Washington-based company focused on utility-grade wind projects, has been studying the region for about three years and plans to begin building a wind farm in 2010, Randy Gardner, project manager, said Tuesday before the Laramie City Council.
13 Mar 2009
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