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Proposed bill to allow people to sue over wind turbine damages

"This bill makes it easier for families that have been hurt by industrial wind turbines to receive compensation for their losses," Senator Lasee said. "It is unconscionable for a family that has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their home that they have lived in for years to be forced to move because an industrial wind tower is built nearby. Or wish that they could move and just can't afford it."
29 Mar 2013

Wind farm opponents face uphill battle

There are many cases where people living near large turbines have claimed to have suffered negative health effects due to their continuous operation. ...This week there was a small bit of hopeful news for those opposed to the wind farm concept when State Sen. Frank Lasee (R-DePere) suggested that the PUC adjust its rules and move future turbines further away from homes. He also suggests the state take a closer look the possible health impact of wind farms.
13 Jul 2012

Wind turbine regulations still up in air

Officials with the Public Service Commission are still holding on to a set of wind siting rules that were supposed to go into effect almost nine months ago. Read more:
5 Dec 2011

Get the facts before making siting decisions

Two families whom I represent have moved out of their homes because of illnesses they felt after eight wind turbines were built nearby; others want to move but can't afford to. A Fond du Lac family abandoned their $300,000 remodeled farm house because their 16-year-old daughter developed intestinal lesions and was hospitalized for them. After they moved away, she recovered.
27 Oct 2011

Wind power amendment shot down

Walker and others, including Rep. Frank Lasee, R-Ledgeview, have said the rules should be reviewed again, with more consideration given to those living near wind farms. Some residents have complained of noise and visual impacts from wind turbines, which can be up to 300 feet tall.
22 Oct 2011

Wind siting rules still stuck in limbo

Hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in potential economic development are stuck in limbo as officials continue to argue over new wind siting rules. ...Now, some seven months later, PSC officials say they are no closer to a deal than when they started. Meanwhile, wind farm developers such as Midwest Wind Energy and Redwind Consulting are sitting on their hands, and their money.
10 Oct 2011

Rules may change for wind farm sites

The Legislature's joint committee for review of administrative rules voted earlier this month to temporarily block a wind farm site rule developed by the state Public Service Commission. But that action was only good for 30 days. To keep the rule from taking effect Friday, the committee will meet again Tuesday to consider a bill that would send the issue back to the PSC.
27 Mar 2011

PSC's wind siting rules expected to be overturned

The move to suspend the rules comes after legislative leaders did not schedule a vote on Walker's wind siting bill, which would have required wind turbines to be located 1,800 feet from the nearest property line. It was the first bill proposed by the new governor during its special session that didn't pass the state Assembly.
28 Feb 2011
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