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Wind turbine proposal too big

We should explore ways of developing wind power in the county (on a smaller scale) that would actually benefit the majority of the residents. What is about to be crammed down our throats would only benefit the few landowners who are willing to trade the beauty of our county for monetary gain.
5 Jun 2007

Glenmore board to rehear turbine pitch

A Suamico developer will take his request for seven wind turbines back to the Glenmore Town Board on Monday night. On April 17, the town Planning Commission gave Tom Mattson of Prelude LLC the preliminary go-ahead for five of the seven turbines he wants to erect. The commission didn't approve the other two turbines because another wind-energy company - Emerging Energies/Shirley Wind, LLC of Hubertus - said their proposed locations posed potential conflicts with some of the eight turbines it plans to build.
3 Jun 2007

Door County prepares for wind power; Revised ordinance will be presented June 21

When the wind farm went up in Kewaunee County in 1999, neighboring Door County responded by adopting a Wind Energy Systems ordinance that required a permit for turbines taller than 100 feet. Since then, no permits were ever pulled, and the ordinance, "hasn't been used at all," said Mariah Goode, Door County planning director. When Community Wind Energy LLC incorporated with a goal of getting local wind power on the grid, the county dusted off its ordinance and learned it might be in violation of state statutes, and therefore vulnerable to lawsuits. "We decided that we would go ahead and revise it before we got ourselves into a situation," Goode said.
3 Jun 2007

Man urges neighbors to research wind farms

Matt Gaboda doesn't want to see Union Township turn into downtown Chicago. Skyscrapers aren't in the plans, but the Evansville resident is trying to get the word out to residents that a company is considering the area for wind turbines nearly 400 feet tall. "It's just kind of nerve racking," he said. "I don't think people realize the permanent effect of something like this and the magnitude of this infrastructure." No formal proposals have been brought to the town, but a test weather tower is operating in nearby Magnolia Township.
2 Jun 2007

Discussion continues on wind energy ordinance

The discussions started after Sean and Heather Brown approached the town about installing a small wind turbine on their property at Highway 14 and Territorial Road to produce wind energy for their home. The ordinance, Francis said, would focus on turbines with a maximum height of 170 feet and 100 kilowatts.
1 Jun 2007

Lawsuit filed against County Zoning Committee

"If developed and operated as approved under the CUP, the Summit Ridge wind energy project will adversely affect Semann's health and safety (from excessive noise, debris throw, and other impacts), substantially and unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of Semann's property, and substantially interfere with and take without just compensation Semann's property rights, including but not limited to his air rights and development rights," wrote Attorney Stoddard in the suit.
1 Jun 2007

Zoning Committee accused of bias at Wilton hearing

Attorney Glen Stoddard, representing Focus on Monroe County’s Future submitted written testimony accusing the Monroe County Planning and Zoning Committee of a majority bias in favor of Invenergy at the Wilton public hearing last Thursday. The Planning and Zoning Committee has set a 9 a.m. meeting for June 5 at the Monroe County Courthouse to make a decision in granting Summit Ridge Energy a conditional use permit to build wind turbines in the town of Wilton.
29 May 2007

Trempealeau to consider wind power restrictions

As renewable energy incentives drive interest in wind turbines as a means of economic development, Trempealeau County is considering regulation that some say could drive away wind investment. The county Board of Supervisors will vote June 18 on an ordinance more restrictive than the state's model and which developers say is anti-wind power and could cost the county revenues.
27 May 2007

Assurances demanded on Glenmore project; wind turbine plans raise property, health questions

GLENMORE - The concerns aired by residents Tuesday night in response to Tom Mattson's wind-turbine proposal were nothing new - noise pollution, decreasing property values and liability. The board will discuss and vote on the project at its June 4 meeting. But as with previous wind-turbine proposals that went before the town for permits, residents wanted assurances from Tom Mattson of Suamico-based Prelude LLC that the seven turbines he wants to build will have a minimal effect on their community, health and property value.
23 May 2007

Wind resistance in Trempealeau County

Alternative energy could find a foothold in Trempealeau County, but not before clearing a few hurdles. A company called AgWind wants to build a wind farm in Ettrick. The company says its long-term plans would include many areas in Trempealeau County. Eventually, turbines throughout the county could provide enough energy to power 35 to 50 thousand homes. There is resistance to AgWind's plans from people who could find themselves living directly below the windmills.
22 May 2007

Turbine maker to meet Glenmore board

TOWN OF GLENMORE - A Suamico developer will take his request for seven wind turbines to the Glenmore Town Board on Tuesday. The town plan commission gave Tom Mattson of Prelude, LLC, the preliminary go-ahead on April 17 for five of the seven turbines he wants to erect on land in Glenmore.
21 May 2007

Wind developer to apply again

MANITOWOC - A Wisconsin wind farm developer again will try to get approval for a contentious project to build seven wind turbines in the town of Mishicot. Emerging Energies LLP of Hubertus is scheduled to present its plan at a town of Mishicot meeting beginning at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 16 at the Mishicot High School Library, 660 Washington Street, Mishicot. The meeting is open to the public and a question and answer session is scheduled.
11 May 2007

Alliant wind farm gets OK

Alliant Energy has received unanimous approval to build a large wind farm in Fond du Lac County, although the utility still has to decide how it will finance the project. The state Public Service Commission on Wednesday unanimously approved the Cedar Ridge Wind Farm for Wisconsin Power & Light Co. -- Alliant's state utility unit. It will be the first wind farm owned by the company.
10 May 2007
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