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Landowners resist Glacier Hills Wind Park waivers

"As far as I can tell, if you sign anything with them, they can come and go as they please on your property," DeBoer said. "It's about what they want, when they want it and where they want it. "I told them no, and so far they've left me alone but I've heard they're harassing other people."
26 Feb 2010

Construction of Wisconsin's largest wind farm put on hold as WEPCO struggles to find willing landowners

We Energies representatives are scrambling to find enough landowners willing to sign the easements needed to begin construction on the Glacier Hills wind project which is set to occupy the Columbia County Towns of Randolph and Scott. The 90 turbine project which was recently approved by the Public Service Commission, would be the largest in the state.
25 Feb 2010

Relief from the pain they caused

Certainly it's splendid news that a Spanish windmill maker plans to build a factory in Milwaukee and employ 270 people. It's especially nice that the company mentioned the supply of experienced workers and engineers here. Of course, those people will supply a market that depends utterly on governments' favors granted at the expense of everyone else.
20 Feb 2010

Concerns about proposed Invenergy wind project draws capacity crowd to meeting in Brown County

It was standing room only in Van Able's restaurant after residents quickly filled the five hundred seats in the banquet hall and overflowed into a side room. Community members came to hear concerns about Chicago-based Invenergy's 100 turbine Ledge Wind project which would occupy the Towns of Morrison, Holland, Wrightstown and Glenmore, making it the largest wind development in the state.
20 Feb 2010

Judge dismisses Trempealeau Co. wind lawsuit

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging Trempealeau County's wind ordinance, which critics have called one of the strictest in the country. Judge John Damon dismissed the claims by Ron and Mary Winn of Galesville when he granted summary judgement in favor of the county, according to court documents filed earlier this month.
19 Feb 2010

Wind farm debate divides families

Plans to build the state's largest wind farm in southern Brown County is dividing several rural communities. It's even causing turmoil within families. For almost a year now, Roland Klug has lobbied his neighbors to join him in signing contracts with a Chicago company to build 400-foot wind turbines on their land in Morrison. As Roland sees it, it's a sign of the times.
18 Feb 2010

Wind farms: Irritating, unreliable, unregulated

Pro-wind lawmakers claim that green energy jobs are the solution to our economic crisis. We need to widen the view of those with tunnel vision who are only focused on dollar signs and not able to see the negative impact of those who are left to live in the midst of an industrial pinwheel forest.
14 Feb 2010

Wind farms causing conflict-of-interest controversies among Brown County town boards

Morrison Town Board members on Tuesday postponed action on a proposed wind farm ban because they are awaiting legal opinions on whether Trustees Kevin Collins and Ron Lemke should participate in the decision. Collins and Lemke both have signed contracts with Invenergy LLC, the Chicago-based developer that wants to build Brown County's first major commercial wind farm. The developer has offered about $8,000 a year to landowners willing to permit a 400-foot wind turbine on their property.
10 Feb 2010

Holland backs hollow wind farm moratorium

Local solidarity is driving a Holland wind farm moratorium that has no chance of success if the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin approves a project in the town. "We know the PSC will have final say in this project," said Holland Supervisor Michael Geiger. "We're just letting them know how we feel about it. When it comes to town politics, we're about as grass roots as you get.
9 Feb 2010

Town has 'no power' to block wind farm, developer says

Invenergy LLC, which is seeking state approval for a wind farm in southern Brown County, also questions Holland's toughened setback requirements for wind turbines. "Regardless of the town's desire to enact such a moratorium or setbacks, it has no power to do so," Invenergy attorney Peter Gardon wrote in a six-page letter dated Feb. 4.
8 Feb 2010

Brown County town of Holland votes for wind-farm moratorium

Opponents of a proposed wind farm in southern Brown County hope the town of Holland is just the first municipality to set a one-year ban on wind farm construction. Chicago-based Invenergy LLC submitted an application to state regulators in October for permission to develop the Ledge Wind Energy Project within four neighboring towns in southern Brown County. The
3 Feb 2010

Holland Town Board moves to block Invenergy wind farm

In an emerging battle over a major wind farm development in southern Brown County, officials in the town of Holland have approved a one-year moratorium on wind farm construction. But whether the action taken Monday night will derail plans by Chicago-based Invenergy LLC remains to be seen.
2 Feb 2010

Another county wind farm? Feasibility tests in south promising so far

Late this summer, about the time that We Energies starts construction on Columbia County's first wind energy farm, the people of southern Columbia County might know whether the towns of Leeds and Arlington will be the site of the county's second wind farm. Officials of the Madison-based Wind Capital Group came to County Board's planning and zoning committee almost 18 months ago.
29 Jan 2010

Lawsuit may delay Bent Tree Wind Farm

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, which approved the project, is unlikely to settle with Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group and the Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin, said Steven Heinzen, an attorney in the Madison office of Godfrey & Kahn SC representing WIEG and CUB. The groups sued the PSC because of the way in which the commission approved the project.
27 Jan 2010

Lawmaker questions higher-than-expected costs for renewable energy

The Wisconsin State Journal reported Thursday that major state agencies now get 10 percent of their electricity from renewable sources like wind farms but paid a premium for it of $1.4 million last year - 29 percent more than expected. Rep. Brett Davis, R-Oregon, sent a letter Monday asking Administration Secretary Michael Morgan for more details on the deals.
25 Jan 2010

Opposition seeks moratoriums on farms

Dozens of homeowners and others in the wind farm development site have joined forces under the name Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy. The group is urging local officials to impose moratoriums on wind farm construction in an effort to slow or stop Invenergy LLC, a Chicago-based developer planning to erect 100 wind turbines south of Green Bay.
24 Jan 2010

Turbines deserve lengthy hearing

Local and state officials need to examine all of the potential costs and benefits - including the impact on neighbors - before granting final approvals for this project. And they need to keep an eye on the bigger picture involving wind and other forms of renewable energy. ...All voices must be heard and heeded before the shovels - and the wind blades - start turning.
24 Jan 2010

PSC still sorting out wind farm details

Within days, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin will finalize its list of conditions for the construction of a wind farm in northeast Columbia County. But officials of We Energies already are planning where the turbines will go and determining whether the PSC's conditions will allow erecting all 90 of them.
22 Jan 2010

Wind farms threaten county

For the past three weeks, my neighbors and I in southern Brown County have been grappling with the possibility of losing our health and our homes to a private wind-farm developer. ...The proposed industrial turbines would be placed as close as 1,000 feet from many peoples' homes.
15 Jan 2010

Wind farm gets initial go-ahead, but PSC puts conditions on We Energies project

The Glacier Hills Wind Park, which could be the largest in the state, will rise from the farm fields of eastern Columbia County, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin decided Monday. But the three-member commission called for We Energies to meet several conditions in building the 90-turbine wind farm, including a minimum of 1,250 feet of distance between the turbines and the buildings on nonparticipating property; limits on the noise generated by the turbines; and the possibility that people whose property is surrounded by the turbines might have their property bought out.
12 Jan 2010
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