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The fight over Wisconsin's wind future; 18 more wind farms proposed

It's free, it's everywhere and some think it's the answer to our ever-increasing energy needs. ...more and more people are speaking out against the projects. "We need to slow down until things get put into place to regulate these industrial monsters to a safe and healthy level," said Jon Morehouse, the spokesman for Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy.
6 May 2010

Windmill projects wasteful

MORRISON - Boondoggle: 1. Wasteful pursuit: An activity or project that is unnecessary and wasteful of time or money, especially one undertaken for personal or political gain. (Encarta® World English Dictionary).
4 May 2010

Wind farm fight draws Capitol response

A wind farm dispute in Dodge County is catching the attention of state lawmakers who worry the case could affect the future of renewable energy development. "I think this is a Pandora's box that could lead to all sorts of unnecessary litigation," said state Rep. Mark Honadel, R-South Milwaukee. "And I think it's the kind of decision the state Legislature would have to take up in some form."
27 Apr 2010

Proposed wind farm riles some lakeshore residents

Residents of five lakeshore communities crowded a town hall Monday night to voice their concerns over a proposed wind farm. Oregon-based Element Power hopes to build 111 wind turbines in five towns in southern Kewaunee and northern Manitowoc Counties: Carlton, West Kewaunee, Mishicot, TwoCreeks and Two Rivers. ...Carlton town chairman Dave Hardtke said he's skeptical about that projection.
27 Apr 2010

Brown County awaits Public Service Commission's wind farm rules

Invenergy wants to build the first major commercial wind farm in Brown County and the largest in the state. It has signed contracts for about $8,000 a year with numerous property owners permitting 400-foot turbines on their property. Many property owners and residents in the southern Brown County communities have spoken out against the project, citing negative health effects and the potential loss in property values.
26 Apr 2010

Wind council members reject bias allegations

Members of the state's Wind Siting Council are deflecting allegations the group is biased toward development. ...Calumet County residents have sued the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. The lawsuit seeks to have the Wind Siting Council's 15 members reselected or have the state's three PSC commissioners reconvene and jointly approve the siting council's roster.
23 Apr 2010

Wind farm draft rules spark public notice debate

"Developers want to avoid two things working against a project right from the start," said Jim Naleid, a managing partner for Holmen-based AgWind Energy Partners LLC. "They do not want to get people up in arms and arouse anti-wind advocates" ...But town and county leaders argue property negotiations held privately lead to more battles when the proposal finally becomes public.
19 Apr 2010

Wind projects aren't cheap, resident-friendly

Many unwilling people are being put in an industrial zone, where their health and property value can and will be negatively affected. We didn't volunteer for the war on global warming; we should not be drafted to suffer for it. Don't kid yourselves -as taxpayers and electrical ratepayers, you will pay for these projects.
17 Apr 2010

Town raises taxes to challenge wind farm proposal

Morrison residents are skeptical that a proposed wind farm will be an economic generator for the town, so they are raising their taxes to find out for themselves. "In order to get something, you've got to have some money," said Morrison resident Beverly Kocian. "This project needs more investigating. They say there's going to be jobs, but you can't tell me the people around here are going to be working on these turbines."
15 Apr 2010

Electricity prices threaten wind farm

Madison Gas & Electric's reluctance to pay nearly three times the going rate for wind farm electricity could kill an estimated $20 million project planned for Springfield. Sun Prairie-based Wave Wind LLC wants to build a six-turbine wind farm. But the cost of the project means MG&E would have to pay 8 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity from the farm, said Dionne Lummus, Wave Wind's business development coordinator.
7 Apr 2010

Rate dispute might doom local wind power project

A local company's plan to build a small wind farm just outside Madison is hanging by a thread amid a standoff with Madison Gas and Electric Co. over the price of electricity to be generated at the site. The company, Wave Wind LLC of Sun Prairie, says it needs 8 cents per kilowatt-hour to make the project viable. MGE is only willing to pay 2.9 cents.
5 Apr 2010

Company would pay for wind farm road damage

When wind turbines begin to fill the skyline of northeastern Columbia County, We Energies will pay to fix any damage to Columbia County roads that the construction might cause. ...Gravel roads would be built on the leased farmland where the Glacier Hills turbines would be built. Construction crews would use town and county roads (mostly concrete or asphalt) to haul their equipment to and from the site.
1 Apr 2010

Carlton wind moratorium approved; Residents seek to protect property rights

The Carlton Town Board approved a one-year moratorium on commercial wind turbines Monday, after more than 50 residents came to a public hearing to oppose the idea. The board unanimously approved the measure on a 3-0 vote after Town Chairman Dave Hardtke said he received six or seven phone calls from residents who were contacted by the Ohio-based Element Energy to lease their property for wind generation.
31 Mar 2010

Wisconsin firms to start work on We Energies wind farm

Construction will start before summer on the Glacier Hills Wind Park north of Madison, We Energies said Thursday as it announced it had hired three Wisconsin firms to design and build the project. State regulators in January approved plans for the $413.5 million Columbia County wind farm. The project will have up to 90 turbines.
25 Mar 2010

Brown County committee to join debate on wind turbines

The Planning, Development and Transportation Committee will air the controversial topic at its April meeting, although the date hasn't been set. The County Board voted Thursday to send the issue to the committee, but committee Chairman Bernie Erickson said there wasn't enough time to include it on Monday's meeting agenda.
21 Mar 2010

Glacier Hills Wind Park easement search angers neighbors

Neighbors irritated by We Energies' continued search for Glacier Hills Wind Park easements have won the right to review changes to a project the state approved two months ago. "If they don't need easements to build the project, then why are they still bothering nonparticipants?" said Friesland resident Gary Steinich. "We didn't ask for this fight."
18 Mar 2010

Brown County wind farm could be slowed by new state rules

Kevin Parzyck, project manager for Invenergy LLC, said the company already is adjusting its plans to account for standards imposed by state regulators on another wind project - with wind turbine setbacks of 1,250 feet from surrounding properties rather than the 1,000 feet originally planned by Invenergy.
17 Mar 2010

Tough task awaits wind siting panel

The controversial decision about how close wind turbines should be placed from homes is now in the hands of the Wisconsin Wind Siting Council. Homeowners who live near wind turbines built in some wind farms in Wisconsin have complained about the turbines and effects including shadow flicker and noise.
17 Mar 2010

Art acts as escape from windy debate

Almost anyone you ask in Morrison knows about the debate surrounding the windmill proposal. "It's good to have green energy but some people don't like it because they are really big and some think it's noisy," said 12-year-old Shane Nushart. Some people have heard enough.
14 Mar 2010
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