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Power line work halted after concern raised over protected birds

Abbie Church, conservation director for the conservancy, said she was driving in the area of the grasslands last month when she saw construction crews working and power poles already up. The conservancy had worked to negotiate a restriction on construction activities during the nesting season when it agreed to an easement for the power line project. Nesting generally takes place from April through July.
6 Jul 2015

Wildlife advocates prepared to fight wind farm to the end

Although they have lost more than one battle in the war to keep wind turbines from encroaching on the nearby Horicon Marsh, a local environmental group vows to fight for wildlife until the end. "We plan to monitor the project and bring news of bird kills to the attention of the media and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to push for charges in accordance with the Bird Migratory Treaty Act," said Curt Kindschuh, public information officer for Horicon Marsh Systems Advocates. "The death of Sandhill cranes, Canada geese, eagles, hawks, any migratory bird at all could result in significant state and federal fines for Invenergy or the hosting landowners."
14 Jan 2008

Not all agree ‘green’ is beneficial

That pretty much leaves energy conservation as the only option everyone can agree on, and the challenge won't be resolved simply by building more energy-efficient devices and turning off the lights in rooms we're not using. Either the "green" movement needs to lighten up on alternatives to fossil fuel or get used to the idea that we're going to be burning a lot of coal and natural gas for the long haul.
6 Jun 2007

Wind farm study finds birds won't be impacted

MADISON — A draft report of a one-year study of the distribution and behavior of birds in Forward Energy's wind farm near Horicon Marsh concludes that the project won't significantly interfere with nesting or migratory patterns of the rarer bird species observed. The report was prepared by Curry and Kerlinger LLC of McLean, Va. from a three-part study designed in cooperation with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Public Service Commission staff. A final report will be issued after a DNR and PSC staff review. The study's primary purpose was to acquire data for use in before and after comparisons when construction of the 133 wind turbines, each with an overall height of 400 feet, is completed. The project will be spread over 33,000 acres in Byron and Oakfield townships. The closest turbine would be located within two miles of Horicon Marsh, a stopover for thousands of migratory birds.
8 Mar 2007

Wind makes waves over Horicon

Some of the turbines of the 200- megawatt project could be within two miles of the border of the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge, a refuge that was named by the National Wildlife Refuge Association as one of the nation's six most threatened refuges.
13 Sep 2005
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