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Wind farm siting hearings a big draw

Monday was the first day of three in Wisconsin that allowed for the public to make statements to the Public Service Commission regarding rules for the siting of wind farms throughout the state. Fond du Lac City Hall hosted the first round of open hearings.
29 Jun 2010

Towns urge more study on wind turbine sites

The elected officials at three southern Brown County towns will ask the Public Service Commission to take more time to study possible health and safety issues before approving wind turbine siting rules. Comments from town supervisors and residents in the towns of Morrison, Glenmore and Wrightstown will be delivered to the PSC's Wind Siting Council next week.
25 Jun 2010

Dane County wind farm's fate rests with WPPI

A $20 million wind farm proposed for Springfield hinges on whether Sun Prairie-based WPPI Energy will buy electricity and eventually acquire the project. ...the developer's asking price already killed a similar proposed deal with Madison Gas & Electric Co. MG&E argued it could buy electricity at about 2.9 cents per kilowatt-hour.
25 Jun 2010

Hearings set on wind project siting rules

Public hearings are planned next week on a proposal aimed at adopting uniform siting rules for wind power projects in the state. The public hearings and a rulemaking are part of a process launched by the state Legislature when it passed a uniform siting law last year.
22 Jun 2010

Towns organize in fight over wind turbines

Towns in southern Brown County met Thursday night to talk about wind turbines in Wisconsin and how communities could have a say in the state's wind energy rules. Community members from the towns of Glenmore, Morrison, and Wrightstown packed a meeting at Wrightstown High School.
11 Jun 2010

Wind farm will be invasive to farms

When Florida Power and Light first proposed a wind farm to our family, the idea was to place a row of turbines on an area we call the high line. This sounded like an idea worth pursuing. Seven years later, with WE Energies in control, the project has 90 very large turbines in a scattered pattern that are invasive to everyone's environment in this area.
3 Jun 2010

PSC taking comments on wind siting rules

Anyone who wants to give input on where wind turbines can and cannot be placed locally will need to tell the state's Public Service Commission within the next six weeks. The PSC is seeking public comment on its proposed wind siting rules, which were issued earlier this month. The rules will ultimately result in uniform wind siting standards for local units of government in Wisconsin, meaning local control will effectively be eliminated.
28 May 2010

Columbia County gives wind energy a nod

The Columbia County Board of Supervisors offered tepid approval Wednesday to a resolution declaring electricity-generating wind turbines on five parcels of farmland are in keeping with the landowners' farmland preservation agreements with the state. But the non-unanimous voice vote assent didn't come without questions.
22 May 2010

Commission plans wind farm siting hearings

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin will hold hearings in June on proposed wind farm siting rules that ultimately will provide uniform statewide standards. The Legislature created a PSC council to develop the rules. Local political bodies cannot develop regulations that are more restrictive.
22 May 2010

Bonds approved for wind turbine plant; Wisconsin Rapids facility could add 600 jobs

A factory near Wisconsin Rapids could employ 600 people making wind turbine blades.Close Plans to build a sprawling factory that would make giant wind-turbine blades and create 600 jobs in north-central Wisconsin - the heart of the state's struggling paper industry - got a boost Tuesday when the state approved $45 million in bonding authority for the project.
18 May 2010

We Energies to begin Glacier Hills wind farm construction

Crews will begin site preparation next week for the largest wind farm in Wisconsin, after state regulators finalized plans for the Glacier Hills Wind Park northeast of Madison. We Energies of Milwaukee said it will erect 90 turbines at the wind farm ...The tab for We Energies' customers isn't yet known, but the company will seek to collect construction costs from ratepayers beginning in 2012, Manthey said.
14 May 2010

Wind farm moves closer to realization

A proposal for We Energies to buy two homes in the vicinity of a soon-to-be-built wind farm is the only thing standing in the way of building the roads that, a year from now, will lead to a vast collection of wind energy turbines in northeast Columbia County. ...the Public Service Commission required We Energies to "reduce the individual hardships" for two specific households whose homes are located close to an especially large number of proposed turbine locations.
7 May 2010

The fight over Wisconsin's wind future; 18 more wind farms proposed

It's free, it's everywhere and some think it's the answer to our ever-increasing energy needs. ...more and more people are speaking out against the projects. "We need to slow down until things get put into place to regulate these industrial monsters to a safe and healthy level," said Jon Morehouse, the spokesman for Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy.
6 May 2010

Windmill projects wasteful

MORRISON - Boondoggle: 1. Wasteful pursuit: An activity or project that is unnecessary and wasteful of time or money, especially one undertaken for personal or political gain. (Encarta® World English Dictionary).
4 May 2010
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