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Little Town of Forest's big federal lawsuit

According to Attorney Stoddard, most Town of Forest residents were completely unaware that the former the town board members, who lost a special recall election on February 15, 2011, had approved an agreement in 2008 and another one on August 12, 2010, to proceed with the proposed wind energy project.
26 Mar 2011

The noise moved in next to the homeowners

Characteristic noises would include the footfalls of deer. "I have not seen a deer here since construction began," said Meyer, and the owls and hawks that used to frequent his woodlot are gone, too. While someone choosing to live near a freeway is moving next to the noise nowadays (since we're not building new freeways), in the case of wind farms, the noise is moving in.
27 Jan 2011

Current regulations ignore property owners

If the PSC guidelines didn't reflect the state real estate association data on decreased property values, and if the industry cannot guarantee acceptable sound levels prior to construction, then the risk is all mine. As long as there is not a clear and easy recourse to be sure my rights and property values are protected, I will object.
23 Jan 2011

Walker's bill eyes big setbacks for wind projects

A rules and regulatory reform bill proposed Tuesday by Gov. Scott Walker would require wind turbines to be set back at least 1,800 feet from nearby properties, unless those property owners consent in writing. The bill also would require any agency's proposed rule to go through the governor's office before it can take effect, and expands the economic impact reporting requirements for proposed agency rules.
11 Jan 2011

Group opposes new wind turbine rules

"Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy believe these rules directly threaten the health, safety and financial well-being of countless rural Wisconsin communities," said Steve Deslauriers of Greenleaf, a spokesman for the group. The PSC last week voted unanimously to send updated wind turbine siting rules back to the state Legislature.
15 Dec 2010

Stepping back from the Ledge

Unrest among Brown County neighbors of what would be Wisconsin's largest wind farm is reason enough for the state to consider alternative projects, said a lawmaker from the area. State Rep. Ted Zigmunt, D-Francis Creek, said the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin should consider energy projects such as geothermal and solar hot water.
2 Jul 2010

PSC rejects Oakfield family's wind farm claim

Jason and Ann Wirtz contended that the Forward Energy Wind Center cost them their alpaca-breeding business and created such significant health problems for the family that they were eventually forced out of their home. PSC Chairman Eric Callisto said the commission is not the proper forum for personal injury claims.
21 Jun 2010

Sound, shadow standards scare wind developers

Environmental consultants can count the minutes a home is affected by the strobelike flickers of a wind turbine's shadow. They can measure the decibels of the rhythmic thrum of turbine blades cutting through the air. ...But, wind farm developers argue, basing placement on those tests means sacrificing the one thing the industry needs to build in Wisconsin: certainty.
14 Jun 2010
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