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Wind turbine issue turns slowly

The Public Service Commission has been taking the lead in trying to forge a compromise - holding discussions with wind developers and wind critics, said utility spokeswoman Kristin Ruesch. "Negotiations between the parties are still going on, and the PSC is trying to help find consensus," Ruesch said.
24 Oct 2011

Layoffs hit Middleton wind tech firm

The Massachusetts-based company is eliminating about 150 positions worldwide due to falling revenues, it announced Wednesday. ...The announcement is a significant blow to the firm, which had been touted in 2009 by President Obama as an example of the growing "green energy" sector in the U.S.
11 Aug 2011

Rapids wind turbine plant on hold

Energy Composites Corp. faced a Friday deadline to either reach an agreement with Wisconsin Rapids or sell the nearly 94 acres back to the city ...As part of the original development agreement, the city would have paid $1.5 million for infrastructure costs and $6,000 for each full-time job the company created on or before Dec. 31, 2012, up to $3.8 million.
2 Apr 2011

State lawmakers deny proposal for new wind energy regulations

"The purpose of this hearing was not about whether wind is effective but whether this rule by the PSC was reasonable or not. We are trying to balance the needs of industry workers and health-concerned citizens," JCRAR co-chair Rep. Jim Ott, R-Mequon, said. "The health issue from testimony was the determining factor in my vote."
2 Mar 2011

That other Capitol controversy: wind siting tussle returns

Statewide standards for siting wind power projects adopted last year by the state Public Service Commission may be blocked from taking effect. The state Legislature's Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules has scheduled an executive session for 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in Madison. ...In a statement Monday, senior policy director Keith Reopelle at the environmental group Clean Wisconsin said the committee is expected to vote to suspend the new rule.
28 Feb 2011

Local communities coming against wind farms

At its board meeting Thursday, Feb. 10, the town of Troy passed a resolution putting a temporary moratorium in place for the development of wind-energy turbines in and around the town. A four-man committee was organized by town chair Ray Knapp to look into the “what and how” of possible turbine energy generators and to make an ordinance for the town regarding the building, regulation and usage of possible turbines in the future.
24 Feb 2011

Wind siting rules to be reviewed

As part of his special session on jobs and the economy, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proposed legislation which would revise the rules for siting wind turbines in Wisconsin. The bill is not advancing through the legislative process, but the issue if far from dead. This week a legislative committee will begin the process of reviewing existing rules, and the committee members may well recommend the sorts of changes proposed by Walker.
7 Feb 2011

Wind farm bill meets stiff resistance

Of 10 bills considered by the Legislature in the special session that began Jan. 4, the wind siting bill is the only one that didn't clear the state Assembly. Legislative leaders last week decided to stop consideration of the Walker bill, saying they would move to address wind siting in a different way. The move came one week after Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the state's largest business lobby, announced its opposition to the wind siting bill. It's the only plank of Walker's special session platform that WMC opposed.
5 Feb 2011

Wisconsin wind turbine site hearing begins

Hundreds have packed a legislative hearing on how far energy-generating wind turbines should be located from property lines. Republicans on the rule committee told state regulators they're worried the rules allow turbines to be built so close to property lines neighbors could get hurt.
31 Jan 2011
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