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Wind farm defense not very reassuring

This situation comes down to who should control your property and neighborhood environment - residents or industry? The only way to take back the right to refuse risky, involuntary technologies is through statewide administrative code changes. Contact state lawmakers today to support a new code that gives you the right to reject these dubious installations.
1 Oct 2012

Beautiful Hill Wind Farm draws supporters, opponents

County Executive and State Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer, I-Manitowoc, voted against the state legislation usurping local control over wind tower siting. "Manitowoc County went through the process ... the agony ... of trying to properly address all the different points of view and came up with a compromise passed with a broad majority of supervisors," Ziegelbauer said Friday.
9 Sep 2012

Most residents are opposed to wind farm

It is alleged that many dozens of residents are in favor of the proposed project. Ironically the majority of the townships residents do not agree. Many homeowners in our township are extremely concerned that this project will in fact have a detrimental effect on our health, our property values and our environment.
2 Sep 2012

Sheboygan County Communities for Responsible Energy hopes to stop project

Opponents are now urging town officials to impose bonds and fees and stretch out the approval process as long as possible in hopes the state Legislature revisits rules that govern wind farm development sometime next year. State Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) has encouraged the town to do the same, saying there's a good chance that such efforts could keep the project from moving forward.
31 Jul 2012

Opposition strong at proposed wind farm meeting

"He (the developer) is basically stealing my property," said John Hayes, who lives near the proposed development. "I feel like they're stealing from me." ...State regulations went into effect in March and the Town of Sherman project is one of the first to be considered under the new rules.
26 Jul 2012

Wis. court: Regulators properly approved wind farm

The groups said the PSC issued a so-called certificate of authority rather than a certificate of public convenience and necessity, which would have required a far more stringent review. For example, the CPCN route requires a public hearing as well as PSC determinations that the project is in the public interest ...When the project was approved, WP&L hoped to recover $91.7 million electric and natural gas rate increase. That breaks down to about $9 more per month for electricity and $2.40 more per month for gas for a typical residential customer.
11 Jul 2012

Renewable projects led to 1% hike in state power rates

More renewable costs will hit utility bills in the next few years, especially for customers of Milwaukee-based We Energies. A group representing large energy users said "The report probably needs to be looked at in the context of Wisconsin's unique economy and circumstances. Today we have some of the highest rates in the Midwest and we have a good deal more electric supply than demand."
19 Jun 2012

Bill would let local communities set wind power rules

In the latest strike at wind energy in Wisconsin, Sen. Frank Lasee, R-DePere, is proposing legislation to allow local communities to set their own requirements for siting wind turbines instead of adhering to a statewide standard. The measure would allow cities, towns or villages to establish their own rules regarding how close wind towers could be erected to homes or other structures.
9 Jan 2012

Wind farm plan returns

A proposal to build a wind farm in western Wisconsin is back despite the opposition of local government officials, who rescinded permits for the project and adopted a moratorium on wind projects. The proposal from Emerging Energies of Wisconsin was filed with the state Public Service Commission.
28 Dec 2011
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