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As Obama extols Wisconsin cleantech, fears of governor's anti-wind policies grow

The Wind Siting Reform bill would mandate turbines go up at least 1,800 feet from property lines, the strongest regulation in the country. The restrictions would prohibit any future wind projects from being built and threaten the same jobs that Obama heralded just weeks ago, the industry says. While the state legislature agreed last week that it would not take up the bill during the current special legislative session, Walker has pledged to continue to fight for tougher regulations, according to news reports.
7 Feb 2011

Legislature declines to discuss wind bill

Wisconsin's Legislature will not take up Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to toughen wind turbine regulations during a special session the governor called to pass that bill and others, a spokesman for legislative leaders told The Associated Press on Thursday. However, the demise of the bill seeking a law change doesn't mean Walker is giving up on the issue.
4 Feb 2011

Walker's wind bill dead

Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to toughen wind turbine regulations will not be taken up by the Legislature in a special session the governor called to pass that bill and others, the Associated Press was told Thursday by spokesman for legislative leaders. ...The wind bill drew vociferous opposition from those in the industry who said it would constitute the greatest regulatory barrier in the country.
3 Feb 2011

Does Wisconsin have too many power plants?

A new report by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says the construction of new power plants in the state in recent years has driven up electrical rates, created excess capacity just when the recession was reducing demand, and eliminated the state's competitive edge as one of the nation's cheapest places to buy power.
10 Nov 2010

Hearing canceled on wind siting rules

Kestell said he asked for the public hearing on new wind turbine siting standards in response to concerns from constituents ..."There are many questions and concerns about these rules from citizens statewide and I have personally heard from many constituents as there are existing wind turbines in my district."
4 Nov 2010

Union man details how council wrote wind rules

A local man who worked on the state council to write wind siting rules says the slanted make-up of the committee toward the wind industry created a disservice to the process. The resulting rules likely will increase local dissent and resistance to proposed projects, which he predicts will end up in court, said Doug Zweizig, who co-chaired the wind siting council.
16 Aug 2010

State cracks down on local wind energy rules

An advisory council to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission has recommended new standards for wind turbines. Supporters say this will fix a broken patchwork of local regulations that's earned the state a reputation as a bad one for the wind business. Objectors say the proposed rules don't do enough to protect nearby residents.
11 Aug 2010

Wind turbine debate spins toward Sept. 1 deadline

Callisto and other PSC staff members this week are traveling throughout the state to hold public hearings on wind turbine placement draft rules based on recommendations from the state's Wind Siting Council. The council's goal is to recommend rules for turbine placement on wind farms that generate less than 100 megawatts of electricity. Wind farms that generate more than 100 megawatts are subject to PSC approval.
29 Jun 2010

Wind council adds variables to turbine debate

Wind farms that generate more than 100 megawatts are subject to PSC approval, but until the new law passed, local governments had control over turbine placement standards for any projects generating up to 99 megawatts of electricity. ...The council's discussion Wednesday was the first of what could be many debates in determining an appropriate setback distance, Ebert said.
2 Jun 2010

Disputed renewable power bill signed

The bill, known as the Renewable Resource Credits bill, would allow energy generation produced from waste such as garbage to be classified as renewable and qualify that electricity for the state's renewable power mandate. ...Doyle conceded that there would be some effect on the wind industry from the new law but said it would be so slight as to be negligible.
19 May 2010
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