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As wind power surges, opposition grows

Most of the wind-power capacity is within Republican congressional districts, but many politicians in the party have made ending the tax credit part of their agenda. This year, efforts to extend the tax credit have made little headway in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
8 Sep 2014

'Political uncertainty' led to closure

The availability of low-cost natural gas has been on the rise. He noted the self-sufficiency in that industry based on U.S. and Canadian reserves and continued fracking. "Wind energy got beat by cheap, natural gas. ...If wind energy could be produced and stand on its own without subsidy, that would be a positive development, but I don't see that as being in the cards right now," he said.
9 Aug 2013

Rate watch: PSC to rule on hike for Madison utility customers

The state Public Service Commission will meet Tuesday to decide whether to authorize a price increase for customers of Wisconsin Power & Light Co. The Madison utility, which serves portions of eastern Wisconsin, is seeking to raise electricity prices by $98.9 million, or 10.8%, and to raise local natural gas charges by $8 million. ...In addition to recouping the utility for lost sales, prices would rise because of a proposed wind farm in Minnesota, higher pension costs and transmission line costs.
23 Nov 2009

We Energies drops request for wind power spending

Citing a weakened economy and the prospect of new regulations for renewable energy, We Energies of Milwaukee has withdrawn its request to spend up to $69 million to coordinate construction of wind power projects to meet a state mandate. ..."In the months since the filing, economic conditions in the United States and Wisconsin have changed dramatically, and the potential for additional state legislation and for federal renewable legislation is coming into focus," the utility says in a letter to the PSC.
22 Jan 2009

Town balks at sharing wind revenue; Chairman pushes for legal shift

While Randolph's chairman is optimistic about a 145-megawatt wind farm development, he's bothered by how much money - or rather how little - the town will get in the deal. ...Under the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's shared revenue utility payment guidelines, $2,000 per megawatt of power generated is split between the county and town. The county gets two-thirds, while the town gets one-third. For a 145-megawatt project, that would provide roughly $96,667 per year to be split between the towns of Randolph and Scott, which also would house some We Energies' turbines, while the county would take in about $193,332.
28 Aug 2008

Legislation would give towns more money

State Rep. John LeMahieu, R-Cascade, told the Assembly Energy and Utilities Committee that town board members take "a lot of grief" from the public when they approve wind farms. He cited the recall election held Tuesday involving a Calumet County board supervisor who favored a wind farm project. "Unless the towns approve them, we won't have wind farms in this state. They're certainly not going up in the city of Fond du Lac," he said. Under LeMahieu's bill, $208,000 in utility aid payments would be shifted this year from Fond du Lac County to the towns in which Cedar Ridge, Forward Energy and Blue Skies Green Fields are located.
14 Feb 2008

WisBusiness: PSC to hear new rate request

WPSC joins several other utilities that have already sought rate hikes to recover costs for anticipated increases in fuel prices. They include Wisconsin Power and Light, We Energies, WI Gas and Northern States Power. The greatest increase is being sought by We Energies, which is asking for electric rate hikes of about 7.5 percent for 2008 and 7.5 percent for 2009. The company says the money is needed to help pay for its investments in the Blue Sky Green Field wind project in eastern Wisconsin, significant air quality control equipment at the company's existing power plants, new electric generating units at Port Washington and Oak Creek, and construction of transmission upgrades and additions by the American Transmission Co.
26 Nov 2007

Windy solution proposed for rural Brown Co. roads

"We would like the money (the county gets from windmills) to come back and take care of our county roads out here instead of for Packer Stadium or something," Collins said. "A lot of (county tax revenue) goes to the city."..."They take our taxes but they don't return anything," Kittell said. He said road maintenance and police protection in the rural areas are poor.... "I told him we should get the money back," Collins said. "We have to put up with the windmills."
22 Jul 2007

PSC looks at future cases; emission tax may be part of formula

The state Public Service Commission should take potential taxes on emissions of greenhouse gases into account when considering whether to approve new power plants, the agency’s chairman said Thursday. The PSC will meet today to adopt a seven-year energy plan that is designed in part to help implement Gov. Jim Doyle’s global warming and renewable energy agenda, PSC Chairman Dan Ebert said. The plan, known as the Strategic Energy Assessment, calls for the agency to take steps in the area of global warming and boost the supply of renewable energy in the state. By 2015, state law requires that 10% of the state’s electricity must be supplied by wind turbines, solar panels and waste-to-energy systems and other renewable energy sources.
23 Feb 2007

Gov. Doyle: Proposes Major Investment ‘to Achieve Energy Independence and Fight Global Warming’

As part of a broad effort to make Wisconsin the nation’s leader in energy independence and create thousands of jobs in our state, Governor Jim Doyle will propose the next major step forward by creating the Governor’s Office of Energy Independence and dedicating $40 million in his budget proposal for renewable energy like solar, wind, hydrogen, biodiesel and ethanol. Governor Doyle, who will make the announcement in his State of the State address Tuesday, has set a goal for this state to generate 25 percent of its power and transportation fuels from renewable sources by 2025.
28 Jan 2007

Two utilities team up with Iowa wind farm

Two Wisconsin electric utilities on Wednesday signed agreements to tap power for their customers from a wind farm under development in north central Iowa. Madison Gas & Electric Co. said it plans to invest $56 million to buy 18 wind turbines and develop a portion of the Top of Iowa Phase II wind power project. The utility signed a contract with Midwest Renewable Energy Projects LLC, the developer of the project near Mason City, Iowa. The Madison-based utility said the deal would enable about 5% of the utility’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources. That would be enough for MG&E to comply three years ahead of schedule with the first phase of the state’s first renewable power mandate.
5 Oct 2006

Doyle announces $80M renewable energy strategy

Madison, Wis. - Gov. Jim Doyle today proposed a joint public-private initiative to allocate $80 million in state funds for the development of renewable energy programs in Wisconsin. Doyle said the money - which includes tax credits, low-interest loans, and grants that would come from business development fund allotments and the sale of state bonds - would leverage an additional $370 million in private investment to marshal economic resources around biofuels.
26 Sep 2006
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