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Town Board allows projects despite moratorium

The Glenmore Town Board on Monday unanimously approved a five-year renewal for two wind turbines operated by Wisconsin Public Service, asking officials to double-check their braking system based on a neighbor's assertions of "annoying" levels of noise coming from the turbines. The board also changed wording on its April 2 moratorium on new wind energy systems so that projects applied for before the moratorium but not yet approved could proceed. That clears the way for Suamico-based Prelude LLC to proceed with its multi-turbine project.
8 May 2007

There’s money to be made in wind farms, but the idea is generating some backlash

Western Wisconsin may never be a wind energy mecca like southwest Minnesota, northwest Iowa or the Dakotas. But that doesn't mean windmills won't someday dot our skyline. Wind developers - some local, some not - are exploring several projects in the region. So far, there are no done deals, but some developers hope to be building as soon as 2008. In addition to replacing carbon-generated electricity with cleaner, renewable energy, there's money to be made from wind energy for utilities, governments and local land owners.
6 May 2007

Summit Ridge Energy gets permit for Ridgeville wind towers

The Monroe County Planning and Zoning Department granted Summit Ridge Energy LLC a conditional use permit (CUP) to build wind towers and accessory buildings in the town of Ridgeville Tuesday. Richard Yarrington was the only member to vote against the permit on grounds of insufficient information in the placement of structures. A permit for the town of Wells was also on the agenda for discussion, but was tabled to the next meeting set for 9 a.m. April 30 at the County Annex Meeting Room.
26 Apr 2007

Hearing on wind towers is May 24

Summit Ridge Energy LLC applied for a conditional use permit (CUP) to construct wind towers and facilities in the Town of Wilton. A public hearing will be held May 24 at 7 p.m. in the Monroe County Courthouse Annex meeting room. Any person may appear, in person or by his agent or attorney, to give testimony for or against the granting of the CUP. Sign up for oral testimony and map viewing is from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. All other testimony may be submitted in writing. For more information contact the Monroe County Zoning Department at 608-372-8939 or 608-269-8939.
24 Apr 2007

Company Tests Area For Possible Wind Farm

MADISON, Wis. -- A Beloit company put up a 200-foot tower on Tuesday to determine if Magnolia Township is a suitable place for a wind farm. The company Eco-Energy put up the tower, which will provide the temperature as well as the wind speed and direction in the area. The tower sits on a hill along Tom Drew's farm north of County Road B on Highway 213. The wind tower measures speed and direction from multiple heights, WISC-TV reported. In order for the area to be suitable for a wind farm, the tower must record an average speed above 15 mph.
20 Apr 2007

Wind turbine ordiance lacks property protections

Until the ordinance is rewritten to protect the health and property rights of all residents (not just those hosting the turbines), this project must be put on hold. Further, without full and honest disclosure of Invenergy's plans, it is irresponsible of the zoning committee and county board to consider, let alone approve, a conditional use permit.
19 Apr 2007

Summit Ridge Energy LLC applies for permit in Wilton

Summit Ridge Energy LLC applied for a conditional use permit (CUP) in the town of Wilton last week. The Monroe County Planning and Zoning Department met Tuesday to discuss the permit and analysis of other CUP applications for Ridgeville and Wells. The department made plans to visit the wind farm in Montfort April 23 and began review of over 120 pages of double-sided testimony from public hearings for Ridgeville and Wells.
19 Apr 2007

Glenmore commission to hear revised plan on wind turbines

Tom Mattson, principal of Prelude LLC, of Suamico, is slated to bring a revised version of a request for a conditional-use permit for seven wind turbines on land in Glenmore. He went before the commission in March, but the commission tabled the matter, pending more information. Earlier this month the town board approved a six-month moratorium on new wind energy systems. Projects approved by the town board prior to the moratorium would be allowed to proceed with their construction.
16 Apr 2007

Clay Banks residents oppose wind turbines

The Clay Banks Town Board plans to oppose a request to build wind turbines in the town. The decision came after residents at the annual town meeting Tuesday, April 10, said they would oppose such a project. The board is concerned about the impact commercial wind turbines might have, said Town Chairman Mike Johnson. The board will update residents on the issue in an informational letter that will be sent early next week.
14 Apr 2007

Morrison seeks tougher wind farm ordinance

MORRISON - The Morrison Town Board has reviewed a draft ordinance on regulating wind farms and sent it back to the town's Planning Commission to have certain areas firmed up. Town Chairman Todd Christensen said he wants to be sure companies proposing several large wind turbines have the financial resources needed to build them correctly. "I think we need to know that if someone starts this they can complete it," Christensen said.
10 Apr 2007

Opposition grows toward energy proposals in SW Wisconsin

The movement to make southwest Wisconsin a hot spot for alternative energy has met some opposition in recent weeks. Century Foods International filed a lawsuit March 20 in Monroe County Circuit Court in an attempt to block construction of a proposed ethanol plant next to Century Foods' largest Sparta processing facility. Opponents also raised their voices at a recent meeting to a proposed wind farm in Monroe County.
10 Apr 2007

Wind power causes controversy in Monroe County

Not everybody in Monroe county is thrilled about a proposal to put up wind towers throughout the area. County zoning administrator Allison Phillips shares some of the concerns raised by people who oppose wind power. They're concerned about ice flying off the towers and hitting cars or people. They also point to the noise and shadow flicker. Where the sunlight is cut by the blades on the towers causing a strobe effect in cars and homes.
9 Apr 2007

Judge tosses Two Rivers wind-farm permit

A controversial zoning conditional use permit that was granted last year for a new wind farm near the town of Two Rivers was vacated April 3 by Manitowoc County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Willis. Willis ruled in favor of five plaintiffs - George Patek, Jeffrey and Anita Roberts, and Dean and Clara Pekarek - who live near the Emerging Energies, LLC-proposed wind farm.
7 Apr 2007

Brussels board tables wind turbine request

The town has an ordinance patterned after a Door County Zoning Ordinance, requiring the permit, Neinas said. However, "there's not a lot of other parameters to look at," she added. The ordinance was adopted without specifying some details for wind turbines, such as setbacks from property lines and roads. County officials are updating the county rules to comply with state laws on wind generation and renewable energy. Work on the county ordinance could be finished as early as June, Neinas said. "Until we have an ordinance with setbacks, can't we just enact a moratorium on wind turbines?" Supervisor Galen DeJardin asked. Neinas said she wasn't sure.
7 Apr 2007

Forum addresses wind turbines

About 100 people packed the courthouse annex meeting room Monday night for the Ridgeville public forum on the application for a conditional use permit (CUP) by Summit Ridge Energy LLC. Attendees came from as far away as Michigan to have their three minutes of testimonial. "It was the end of peace and quiet," said Kelly Alexander, a Michigan resident who had a turbine placed near his home. "Silence is a luxury. We're talking about the adverse effect on health and safety. These turbines need to be placed farther away."
5 Apr 2007
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