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Keyser residents sign petition to stop more industrial wind development

The two major concerns with the wind turbines are the noise that they make and the unsafe conditions that Tasker and Pinnacle roads were left in following the installation of 23 wind turbines, explained Braithwaite. "You have got to hear (the wind turbines) to believe it. When the wind blows from the east, it sounds like a railroad train."
14 Dec 2011

Wind turbines: 15 jobs, five votes and a forever altered landmark

After being immersed in the windmill debate via our newspaper for more than a year - and openly looking at the issue from both sides - I personally do not support the project. But it's not my call to make - it is a decision that should be decided by the residents of Tazewell County. At the public hearing on the project, 71 individuals spoke in favor of the ridgeline ordinance, while 18 spoke against it. That's an overwhelming anti-windmill majority.
22 Jan 2010

Commission 2-1 for wind farm

The Mineral County Commission moved Tuesday to go on record in support of the proposed Pinnacle Wind Farm. The support, however, is not unanimous. After going into executive session to discuss "legal matters," which they later said related to the proposed contract in which WindForce will agree to commit itself to a "floor" for tax revenue to be generated by the project, two of the commissioners said they felt it was time for the county to commit to a position.
14 Oct 2009

WVa Supreme Court asked to reconsider wind farm OK

Opponents of a 124-turbine wind farm proposed for southeastern West Virginia urged the state Supreme Court on Wednesday to consider anew whether regulators correctly approved the project. Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy and a Greenbrier County couple are challenging the state Public Service Commission decision in February to permit Beech Ridge Energy LLC to start construction.
2 Sep 2009

Two Mineral issues under review

Two planning issues are going to wait for a decision in Mineral County as the county commissioners ask the planning commissioners to review potential wind turbine regulations and prepare to look over a draft of the exotic entertainment ordinance. "We're asking (the planning commission) to look at the public good," Commission President Wayne Spiggle said. "We're trying to figure out what we're going to look at in 10 years."
2 Aug 2009

County approves restrictions on industrial wind projects

Citing 14 months of review by the Allegany County Planning and Zoning Commission and four months of their own scrutiny, the county's commissioners voted quickly and unanimously Thursday to make more restrictive the rules for developing industrial wind turbines. The emergency changes to Code Home Rule Bill No. 2-09 diminish the possibility that US WindForce will construct a wind farm atop the northeastern end of Dan's Mountain.
4 Jun 2009

Turbine suggestions rejected; Allegany County staff warn of proposed zoning code changes

Allegany County staff on Tuesday rejected a half dozen suggestions and critiques by US WindForce regarding proposed amendments to the county zoning code. US WindForce President Tom Matthews has said the loss of any more turbines to the planned Dan's Mountain project would eliminate the project from being a viable one. The county, however, has consistently presented a goal of balancing those business needs with adequate safeguards for its residents.
20 May 2009

County staff rejects US Wind Force ideas

Allegany County staff on Tuesday rejected half a dozen suggestions or critiques by US Wind Force regarding proposed amendments to the county zoning code. US Wind Force President Tom Matthews has said the loss of any more turbines to the planned Dan's Mountain project would eliminate the project from being a viable one.
19 May 2009

County officials, staff to discuss wind turbines

A key factor in any decision the commissioners might make regarding the proposed amendments to the county zoning code could involve the recently adopted LaVale Region Comprehensive Plan. The proposed changes would impact any future industrial wind energy venture, Stakem noted, but only the Dan’s Mountain project has open permits with county government. Lewis said last week, and Stakem reiterated Monday, that the LaVale planning area does not permit industrial wind turbines.
18 May 2009

Big changes delay action on ridgeline ordinance

A recommendation on a proposed ordinance that could regulate the development of windmills along East River Mountain has been delayed until June. The Tazewell County Planning Commission delayed action on the proposed mountain ridgeline ordinance Thursday ...The planning commission is mulling over changes recommended by a tall structures steering committee.
15 May 2009

Panel won't conduct meeting in May

The Community Advisory Panel for the proposed Pinnacle Wind Farm near Keyser will not conduct its regular monthly meeting, with panel members instead slated to tour a Pennsylvania wind farm later this month. The wind farm tour, which is limited to members of the panel, is scheduled for May 18.
6 May 2009

Officials prepare ordinance ahead of windmill debate

The debate over a proposed large-scale windmill farm on East River Mountain is blowing into Bluefield. City officials are being asked to prepare an ordinance regulating the development of windmills along the West Virginia side of East River Mountain. City Manager Andy Merriman and City Attorney Brian Cochran are now in the beginning stages of drafting such an ordinance.
30 Apr 2009

Commissioners must act to regulate wind farm industry

As taxpayers of Allegany County, Maryland and residents of Harwood Subdivision located adjacent to the proposed Dan's Mountain Wind Project, we are in favor of zoning regulations for industrial wind farms and support Code Home Rule Bill No. 2-09. The proposed regulations will play a vital role in providing protection to property owners that presently does not exist.
26 Apr 2009

WindForce meeting Monday

US WindForce will host a public meeting Monday evening at the Wind Lea Banquet and Conference Center as part of the company's ongoing efforts to keep the public abreast of its Pinnacle Wind Farm project near Keyser, with environmental issues again the focus of discussion.
5 Apr 2009

State PSC won't reconsider Beech Ridge wind farm OK

Opponents of a large wind farm project in Greenbrier and Nicholas counties have been rebuffed once again by the state Public Service Commission. In an opinion issued Friday, the PSC denied petitions for reconsideration of the regulatory body's Feb. 13 approval of a siting certificate for the Beech Ridge Energy LLC project. The petitions were filed by Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy (MCRE) and Jeffrey and Alicia Eisenbeiss.
3 Apr 2009

County learning more about windmills

"Wind energy is something that is on the horizon," remarked Bland County Administrator Jonathan D. Sweet. "With technology constantly changing, we have to look at our zoning ordinance to address that." According to Sweet, the Bland County Board of Supervisors and the Economic Development Authority took a recent field trip to Grant County, W.Va., to see wind turbines in action. The Bland County Planning Commission will follow suit.
17 Mar 2009
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