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Three lawsuits filed against New Creek Wind for negative health effects

"Specifically, while the plaintiffs are outside on their property, they are confronted with irritating and unabated audible noise which significantly limits the use and enjoyment of their property and results in annoyance, along with other symptoms..." one of the complaints states. The New Creek Mountain Sportsman's Club claims its members suffer from headaches, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, hearing problems and other issues while on the hunting lodge's property.
1 Jan 2019

Two lawsuits filed against New Creek Wind for wind turbine noise

Beginning Nov. 1, 2016, and continuing on a daily basis, when the plaintiffs are outside on their properties, they are constantly confronted with irritating and unabated audible noise ...The plaintiffs claim inside their homes, they experience disturbed sleep, headaches, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, nervousness, joint pain, an inability to clear ears, fatigue, vertigo, depression, tinnitus, irritability and anger.
27 Jul 2017

Keyser woman sues wind farm, claiming distress

Anna Bell Saville lives about 1.5 miles from the site and contends she’s lost the ability to enjoy her home and property. She sued Pinnacle Wind LLC and its parent company, Edison Mission Group. The 23 turbines on Green Mountain create low-frequency pulsation noise and vibration that is irritating, annoying and “at times, severely debilitating, causing core pulsations,” her complaint said.
8 Oct 2013

Timing is everything!

There can be no clearer example of the risk faced by the neighbors of the proposed Dan's Mountain wind project than what is actually happening just a few miles away at the Pinnacle project, which was developed by the very same individuals responsible for Dan's Mountain. If there is any doubt about the risk, perhaps Maryland citizens could speak with their West Virginia neighbors.
20 Sep 2013

Wind plants: How loud is too loud?

"Neither the siting rules nor the sound prediction studies that have been performed in connection with wind energy applications in West Virginia sufficiently captures what the reality will likely be once a project is in operation, or how the sounds are heard at various reference points in the vicinity of the project."
28 Jun 2012

Pinnacle noise complaint dismissed

In a case that may well be be cited in the future by other wind farm owners calling for the dismissal of noise or other complaints associated with their projects, the PSC ruled that "the Commission does not retain the statutorily defined, continuing jurisdiction to address the issues raised by the Complainant." ... The Commission did note, however, that Braithwaite and others have recourse through the courts.
20 Jun 2012

PSC: Pinnacle Wind should take another listen to Green Mountain

Edison Mission Energy has 10 days to respond to the PSC's memorandum, according to Parnell. ...PSC staff believes that although the noise complaints do not violate a direct term or condition, the complaint does allege violations of representations made by Pinnacle in its application and violations of Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law contained in the certificate order.
4 Apr 2012

Edison VP responds to W.Va. noise complaints

Richard Braithwaite, who lives three-quarters of a mile from the turbines, complained about the noise and presented a petition to the Mineral County commission during a Dec. 13 meeting. "You have got to hear (the wind turbines) to believe it. When the wind blows from the east, it sounds like a railroad train," said Braithwaite during the commission meeting.
8 Jan 2012

Turbine noise mars quality of life

The windmills cause an extremely loud disturbance to the point that lying down at night to have a good night's sleep is impossible. I recently attended a county commission meeting, to see what the commissioners could do to help the Cross residents with the noise from the windmills. The three commissioners showed no interest in helping with this problem. One in particular spoke to a relative and said, "You wanted the windmills, now live with them."
5 Jan 2012

Keyser residents sign petition to stop more industrial wind development

The two major concerns with the wind turbines are the noise that they make and the unsafe conditions that Tasker and Pinnacle roads were left in following the installation of 23 wind turbines, explained Braithwaite. "You have got to hear (the wind turbines) to believe it. When the wind blows from the east, it sounds like a railroad train."
14 Dec 2011
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