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Pinnacle wind turbines to be replaced

Dan Hendrick, head of external affairs for Clearway’s eastern division, said the recent receipt of $128 million in financing for the Pinnacle farm work will allow the company to replace the 23 existing turbines with newer, more efficient ones. About $89 million of that money is for the construction, he said.
5 Apr 2021

Black Rock wind farm construction underway

Of the more than $200 million that will be invested for capital, Cornelius said, “We expect $52 million will be spent directly on payroll and services during the construction process, most of which is going to local contractors and businesses.” The project will have 23 turbines supplied by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.
25 Jan 2021

Canadian company buys WV wind project for $200 million

A Fortune 500 Canadian energy company recently bought a long-delayed Grant County wind farm, paying $200 million for the project, which they hope will be up and running in a year. Enbridge, a Calgary, Alberta-based pipeline and energy company, announced Wednesday that it bought the New Creek Wind Project and plans to have the 49-turbine farm in operation in December 2016.
27 Nov 2015

Wind energy proves a problem, not panacea

But, as states such as Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas are discovering, there is no such thing as free electricity – in addition to the financial costs, there are political and environmental costs associated with even the most renewable sources. And politicians are beginning to see the truth that executives of renewable energy companies are just as invested in the success of their corporations as those who run coal companies. The struggle for that kind of power will go on no matter what source of energy the politicians back next.
3 Oct 2014

PSC grants Beech Ridge's wind farm permit

Following nearly 10 months of collecting information and conducting a series of public hearings, the PSC issued an order Wednesday allowing Invenergy Wind Development North America LLC, Beech Ridge's parent company, to place an additional 33 windmills on a 70,000-acre tract owned by Mead Westvaco. The site is just west of Beech Ridge's existing 67-turbine installation.
21 Jun 2013

Wind farm expansion takes a step toward approval

Thursday's hearing was relatively brief, in part because no one from the public appeared in protest of the 33-turbine expansion and in part because Beech Ridge, the West Virginia Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO and the PSC staff had entered into a joint stipulation and agreement for settlement prior to the hearing.
1 Mar 2013

Wind power: Is it worth it?

Sadly, once the layers of "woulds, coulds and shoulds" were peeled back, I found industrial wind failed to keep its environmental promises. Save the canned boilerplate responses to criticisms, the wind industry offered nothing conclusive to demonstrate it would significantly reduce emissions or close fossil fueled plants. There is no conclusive evidence that one coal plant has been closed as a direct result of the installation of tens of thousands of wind turbines. Not one! I've asked advocates to name one facility. Answer . zippo!
1 Jan 2012

Wind farm opposition group hopes to educate public

The group is a consortium of citizen/environment organizations from five states, and one of its goals is to inform the public about the science and the truth of wind farms. Wind energy is too costly for the taxpayer; too inefficient to keep its promises to generate electricity at the level claimed; and too destructive in its impact on the people and the environment in the vicinity of the turbine installations, said Spiggle.
27 Nov 2011
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