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Pocahontas, West Va. considers legal action

Where is the state line? Pocahontas officials would like to know. The Pocahontas County Commission met Thursday and in an occasionally heated discussion, agreed Highland New Wind Development's planned wind energy utility in Highland County, Va., might be infringing on West Virginia property. The commissioners decided to talk about it again Tuesday, when they will vote on whether to take legal action to settle the matter.
14 Aug 2009

Virginia wind project blows into Pocahontas County

Concerned citizens of Pocahontas County and a resident of Virginia brought the issue of the Highland County wind turbine project intruding on the viewshed of Camp Allegheny in Bartow to the county commission's attention at Thursday's meeting. Virginia resident Dan Foster said his main concern is for Camp Allegheny and preserving the history of the battlefield, where the turbines will be visible from almost every angle.
12 Aug 2009

Pocahontas officials not happy about being left out of wind energy plans, change to state line

West Virginia might have something to say about Mac McBride's plans for a wind energy utility in Highland County after all. Thursday, Highland resident Dan Foster was invited to speak to Pocahontas County Commissioners, addressing his concerns for Highland New Wind Development's project impacts on Camp Allegheny - the Civil War battlefield site is in Pocahontas ...This week, Foster said Pocahontas officials shared his concerns for the landmark battlefield, and intended to write to McBride, HNWD owner, and agency officials in both states.
7 Aug 2009

Turbine hearing set for early fall

With support for the proposed Pinnacle Wind Farm growing - at least as measured by the volume of letters sent to the West Virginia Public Service Commission - the PSC has established the time and place for the fall hearing on the proposed 23-turbine wind farm just west of Keyser.
15 Jul 2009

Senator says PATH may be unnecessary

Allegheny Energy and local lawmakers are split over whether a new electrical line is the right way to address the country's increased need for power. The company has plans to build a new 765-kilovolt line called the Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline. The project is expected to span through parts of West Virginia, including Jefferson County, on its way to Maryland.
14 Jul 2009

County has face-to-face with U.S. Wind Force reps

Finally face-to-face, the Mineral County Commissioners questioned representatives of U.S. Wind Force Tuesday evening, sticking to the topics that would directly affect the county and its residents. At the top of the question list was the subject of taxes, and how much the company expects to pay into the county once the 23 wind turbines are in place on Green Mountain.
25 Jun 2009

Commissioners looking for answers

The Mineral County Commissioners are hoping to have some questions answered this evening, as they meet with representatives of U.S. Wind Force. The meeting with Wind Force, the company proposing to construct the Pinnacle Wind Farm on Green Mountain above Keyser, was the topic of discussion at the commission's June 9 meeting, when Commission President Wayne Spiggle said he wanted to meet with the group but was not interested in a "sales pitch."
23 Jun 2009

Wind farm meeting is moved to fall

The West Virginia Public Service commission has rejected a staff-proposed June hearing on the Pinnacle Wind Farm near Keyser in favor of a September hearing to include a tour of the site. The $131 million, 23-turbine wind farm on Green Mountain just west of Keyser is currently under review by the PSC, which must act on the application by early January.
7 Jun 2009

State Supreme Court to hear arguments in wind farm case

The state Supreme Court is being asked to overturn the approval of a wind farm development in Barbour and Randolph counties. A group called the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association is appealing a March 17 decision by the state Public Service Commission that awarded a siting certificate for the proposed 65-turbine development.
3 Jun 2009

WVa court refused to hear wind farm case

The West Virginia Supreme has voted unanimously not to get involved in the debate on whether the state needs another wind farm development. The five justices issued their decision Wednesday afternoon, hours after hearing arguments that a proposed 65-turbine wind farm in Barbour and Randolph counties was not needed.
3 Jun 2009

Development Authority talks wind power

The subject of wind power brought pros and cons to the floor of discussion during the Mineral County Development Authority meeting held Tuesday evening at the Elk District Fire Hall. ...Spiggle stated that he would ask two questions to wind power companies, both dealing with signed contracts by the company, with one a promise of tax revenue, and the other verifying the company would remove the turbines if necessary. "If the company would answer ‘no' to the questions, then I would oppose the wind mill project," Spiggle said.
21 May 2009

Panel gets close look at turbines

Members of the Community Advisory Panel for the proposed Pinnacle Wind Farm near Keyser traveled to Berlin, Pa., Monday for a neck-craning, up-close tour of a wind turbine project similar to the one planned for Green Mountain. About a dozen members of the volunteer panel were guests of US WindForce as they toured the 18-turbine Lookout Project in Somerset County, which is operated by Edison Mission Group, one of the nation's leading operators of electric power generation.
20 May 2009

Mineral advisory panel tours Pa. wind farm site

The Lookout wind project in Somerset County is five turbines smaller than the US WindForce project proposed at Pinnacle in Mineral County, but members of the Community Advisory Panel got the opportunity to get a feel for wind farms and meet the company likely to operate the Pinnacle project. "Edison is our joint venture partner," Jim Cookman, vice president of project development for US WindForce, said during Monday's tour. "We have a joint development agreement.
19 May 2009

Big wind: Greenbrier turbine project underway

Chicago-based Invenergy plans to hire 200 construction workers and put up 67 massive wind turbines along Greenbrier County's mountain ridges by the end of the year. The company has already started clearing brush, grading land and building a gravel road that will allow trucks to haul wind turbine parts up the mountains. The first set of 67 turbines is expected to be assembled and erected by August or September. An additional 57 turbines will go up next year.
10 May 2009

Critics: Dan's Mountain project not good fit for Allegany County

The possibility of 200 construction jobs didn't sway critics of a planned commercial wind turbine project atop Dan's Mountain. Neither did an estimated $5.4 million in new property tax revenue over the next decade. Nor did an appeal to clean, green energy. Instead, the 14 area residents who spoke in favor of legislation that would place steep limitations on industrial wind energy projects here said the project simply wasn't a good fit for Allegany County.
6 May 2009
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