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Opposition group considers next move

"We are not surprised that the PSC ruled in favor of Beech Ridge. We've been expecting it. We're deciding on whether we're going to file for a motion to reconsider." Michael Rosalina with Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy says they've opposed the project since its inception in 2004. Despite a loud chorus of voices against the 119 giant wind turbines planned for 23 miles of ridge line, and against the advice of their own staff, the PSC went ahead on Friday and gave Beech Ridge the final approve to move forward with the $300 million project.
17 Feb 2009

PSC gives final OK for wind farm

Just two days after Gov. Joe Manchin introduced a sweeping renewable energy proposal to lawmakers, the state Public Service Commission on Friday gave its final stamp of approval on a $300 million Greenbrier County wind farm. The much anticipated decision came nearly 4 1/2 years after Chicago-based Invenergy first applied for a siting certificate to construct 119 giant wind turbines on 23 miles of mountain ridges owned primarily by MeadWestvaco.
14 Feb 2009

Windforce meet comes after PSC application

Fresh from beginning the formal application process with the West Virginia Public Service Commission, US WindForce will meet tonight with area residents as part of its ongoing public outreach efforts on the Pinnacle Wind Farm near Keyser. The Community Advisory Panel for the Pinnacle project will meet at 6 p.m. at the WindLea Conference and Banquet Center. The meeting is open to the public.
2 Feb 2009

Mineral County wind farm project advancing

US Wind Force says its subsidiary, Pinnacle Wind Force LLC, is moving forward with plans to construct a 23-trubine wind farm in Mineral County. The Wexford, Pa.-based company said Friday it has filed a 30-day notice of intent with the West Virginia Public Service Commission. The notice is nesessary to obtain a siting certificate from the PSC. ...
31 Jan 2009

Tazewell windmills - Public hearing the place to speak out

The public hearing on the proposed ridgeline protection ordinance being considered by the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors will be held beginning at 8 p.m. Tuesday at Tazewell Middle School. This is the appropriate time for those who have an opinion on the windmill project - whether pro or con - to let their voices be heard and recorded in the official record. Dominion and BP Wind Energy North America have purchased 2,560 acres of land in Tazewell County.
30 Jan 2009

PSC approves wind turbine project

The West Virginia Public Service Commission approved AES Laurel Mountain's certificate on Wednesday to construct a $250 million wind turbine electric generating facility of up to 65 wind turbines on an eight-mile stretch of the Laurel Mountain ridgeline between Barbour and Randolph counties. ...Scores of area residents have spoken out against the project saying it would mar the mountainous scenery and interfere with wildlife. Art and Pam Dodds said members of the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association are very disappointed in the decision of the WVPSC to grant the siting certificate.
28 Nov 2008

WVa approves Laurel Mountain wind project

West Virginia has OK'd a proposed $250 million wind farm along the Laurel Mountain ridgeline. The state Public Service Commission says AES Laurel Mountain has to establish a decommissioning fund, obtain additional permits and satisfy other conditions contained in the order approving construction that was issued Friday.
27 Nov 2008

PSC decision on turbines coming today

e West Virginia Public Service Commission is expected to reach a decision today on whether to grant AES' siting permit to construct up to 65 wind turbines on the Laurel Mountain ridge between Barbour and Randolph counties. ...The PSC has been considering all of the written evidence and testimony in order to arrive at a decision in the case. Today is the final day in the statutorily imposed 300-day process for the PSC to make a decision.
26 Nov 2008

Environmentalists need to re-think wind energy

One of the most bizarre aspects of the debate over "wind farms" in West Virginia and surrounding states is the unquestioning acceptance by many environmentalists of wind energy as a credible and environmentally friendly energy source. I have read many articles and letters written by dedicated environmentalists touting the benefits and discounting or completely ignoring the adverse consequences of wind energy. The prevailing belief of these individuals is that we must embrace wind energy as at least a partial solution to the increased burning of fossil fuels and global warming. ...So, I ask all environmentalists who "believe in wind" to please do some research and become informed of the realities of industrial wind energy in the eastern highlands. Be skeptical of the claims of those who have financial incentives to promote this scam.
5 Nov 2008

Hearings held for wind farm

The process to determine if AES will be given permission to place a wind farm on a Laurel Mountain ridge between Randolph and Barbour counties is one step closer to being completed as the West Virginia Public Service Commission conducted evidentiary hearings Monday through Wednesday. "The attorneys representing both sides presented their cases and called witnesses," PSC spokesperson Sarah Robertson said. ...According to Robertson, the PSC expects to make a decision on Nov. 26.
8 Aug 2008

Court backs PSC on wind project

The state Public Service Commission acted properly when it approved a proposal to build 124 giant wind-power turbines along 23 miles of Greenbrier County ridges, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday. Justices issued a unanimous, unsigned opinion that turned down challenges of the PSC decision filed by opponents of the $300 million Beech Ridge Energy LLC project. "We believe that the commission did not ignore or revise its rules, nor did the commission improperly interpret an unambiguous regulation," the court said in its 39-page ruling.
24 Jun 2008

Coal River residents suggest wind farm over mining

Wind farming or strip mining? Which energy extraction method should be used on Coal River Mountain? Residents of Clear Fork, Marsh Fork and other Raleigh County areas, with the support of environmental and community organizations such as Coal River Mountain Watch, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Appalachian Voices and the Sierra Club, asked the Raleigh County Commission Tuesday to support a proposed wind farm, which they say offers more long-term economic, social and environmental benefits to the county.
4 Jun 2008

Public speaks out on windmill project; Mixed views offered at Elkins meeting

Elkins City Council chambers was packed Wednesday afternoon for a West Virginia Public Service Commission public hearing as people spoke for and against the AES proposed windfarm project on Laurel Mountain. The meeting started with Chris Callas, the attorney representing AES, and WVPSC Staff Lawyer Carrie DeHaven presenting opening statements. ...WVPSC Chairman Michael Albert then opened the public hearing portion of the meeting. Those for the project were matched about evenly against those against the project. Twenty-two people took the time to speak to the WVPSC - 10 spoke in favor of the project, 11 against the project and a representative from the Randolph County Airport Authority stated the authority was not for or against the project but wanted further investigation conducted to see how the project could affect the airport.
8 May 2008

Weighing in on a proposed wind farm

Public hearings are scheduled for Wednesday in Randolph County and Barbour County for a proposed wind farm project. The proposal calls for up to 65 wind turbines to be built on an eight mile stretch of Laurel Mountain in the two counties. AES Laurel Mountain out of Arlington, Virginia is asking the State Public Service Commission for approval for the $250 million wholesale electric generating facility. If the company gets the needed approvals, the turbines could be in operation by the end of next year.
6 May 2008

Wind turbine details presented at open house

While concerns that wind turbines on Green Mountain will ruin the viewshed were the most voiced topic, area residents had an opportunity to consider a lot of information about the proposed project during an open house at the Wind Lea Conference Center Monday. ...Greg Trainor also voiced his concern about the view. "I love the mountain and I don't want to look up there and see 30 whirlygigs," he said, adding that the wind projects are just another way for the state to be taken. "We don't want to squander our view for a few dollars," he said, to which Clay added, "or 30 pieces of silver." Trainor said that West Virginia has a history of giving away its wealth.
6 May 2008
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